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May 26, 2014 08:17 PM

Making a banana bread recipe with baking soda in Zojirushi bread machine

Long time lurker. First post. Thanks a lot for a great forum, I learned so much!

I just a quick question. I would like to make this banana bread recipe in Zojirushi bread maker (BB-PAC20, their Virtuoso model):

Is it at all possible? All recipes for Zojirushi from manual require to use active dry yeast, yet for this one it is baking powder. From googling around, I know that baking powder is "leavening" agent that works by reacting with water (not sure how at the moment), whereas yeast is producing a gas that raises the bread by munching on carbs. I do not know whether or not they are interchangable.

Thanks a lot!

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  1. I baked the banana cake in the Zoj Mini and it was good!

    1. If your machine does not have a special mode for 'quick bread', don't expect it to work. It's possible that it would work simply because the machine mixes and bakes. But yeast bread requires kneading, and a proofing time. A quick bread like this is stirred just enough to combine ingredients, and then baked right away.

      1. As Paulj said, your machine has to have the right settings and you have to put the ingredients in, in the order that your machine requires (generally liquids on bottom, dry ingredients on top but check your machine's instructions just in case). You end up w/ that odd tall loaf. I think for the little bit of extra work of doing it the regular way you get a much better product.

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        1. re: chowser

          Thanks a lot for your replies. I see. I can't just substitute yeast for baking powder or modify the recipe somehow to use it as "yeast bread" and then prepare it in the bread maker.

          One thing is that I do not have a mixer, can I use bread maker "kneading" cycle to mix the ingredients?

          1. re: ryoanji

            There probably are bread machine banana bread recipes out there.

            1. re: ryoanji

              The ingredients for banana bread can be mixed with a wooden or other spoon.

              1. re: ryoanji

                No, yeast and baking powder are very different. Yeast takes kneading and time and creates a different texture (chewy). Use a bowl and wooden spoon. That'll work better. If you use the kneading cycle, you'll end up w/ a tough loaf of bread. You want to make sure not to overmix this batter.

                1. re: ryoanji

                  You don't need a mixer for banana bread it can be easily mixed by hand.

              2. Well, shoot, Zojirushi has a recipe for banana bread -- remember to check with the manufacturer first:


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                1. re: maria lorraine

                  That's what I was wondering about - it has a CAKE setting.

                  1. re: maria lorraine

                    Thanks again for your replies and advice. I did it! Used TJ white whole wheat instead all-purpose flour, 1/2 of sugar and did not noticed that my vanila extract was 2x. It turned out to be quite dense, but I like it :) Will experiment more with it.

                    Thanks for the tip on Zojirushi, I did not realize that you can bake those things in there on "cake" settings!

                    1. re: ryoanji

                      The Z machine is the greatest. I love my Z rice cooker too.
                      You can make a zillion things in both the bread machine and rice cooker that have nothing to do with bread or rice.

                      1. re: ryoanji

                        Using white whole wheat changed the recipe and the amount of leavening needed, just so you know. That's why your banana bread was so dense, though in truth banana bread is always a little dense.

                        So, it's prolly best you follow the recipe exactly for the bread machine, as written, or find a recipe geared for whole wheat or white whole wheat since you'll have to use more baking soda or leavening with those flours because they're so much heavier than white flour.

                        There's a King Arthur Banana Bread Recipe made with white whole flour here -- it's received a lot of praise here:

                        Read about that recipe ingredients here:

                        Some mention in the comments of using a bread machine, but I'm sure with a little digging you'll find exactly the bread machine instructions you need for whatever flour you're using. The internet is your friend.

                        1. re: maria lorraine

                          Wow, thanks a lot! That was very helpful. I am wondering if sugar plays any specific role in breads with baking powder. I know the exact amount of sugar is important in the yeast breads, but what about baking power ones (clearly, except for taste)? For instance if I'd like to make it less sweet, can I just reduce some of the sugar?

                          1. re: ryoanji

                            Sugar is not important. At one end of the baking powder bread spectrum are cakes, at the other, savory quickbreads (including cornbread and Irish soda bread).

                            1. re: ryoanji

                              The texture would be cakier but it would work fine. The exact amount of sugar is actually unimportant in yeast bread, too.