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May 26, 2014 05:50 PM

North Conway/ Storyland report

We've just returned from a nice long weekend and I wanted to get my impressions down while they were fresh in my mind.
No breakfast places to report (we ate at the hotel breakfast), but we did try the cider donuts at White Mountain Cider Co while picking up sandwiches and they are worth every calorie.
Sandwiches from White Mountain were a far cry over the food available at Storyland and I totally recommend bringing food into the park.
We had one dinner at the Scarecrow Pub in Intervale since May Kelly's was full. It was fine, nothing special but good for what it is. The service was very slow, but pleasant.
Our other dinner was at White Mountain Cider Co and was outstanding. They are totally kid-friendly and have several off-menu options for kids, such as plain pasta and burgers. My husband had the polenta torte over eggplant caponata and loved it (and he hates eggplant!). I had sautéed fiddleheads and ramps followed by the burger (technically a kids burger but they fancied it up with sautéed mushrooms and a nice tomato chutney). My older kid got the meatball trio which was outstanding. Service was very professional and helpful with wine choices, cocktails were really good. I would almost drive back to the area from Boston just to eat here again!

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  1. Glad to hear that White Mountain is kid friendly. I'm going to put it on our list when we go there in July!

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      For July- Put May Kelly's on your list. Its too bad DrMag didn't get a chance to go to May Kellys, in North Conway. I wish I could remember what we had there in 2009, but I do "remember" that it was the best stop in our Maine-New Hampshire vacation. At the time, they periodically had an Irish dance group come in throughout the summer. It would be fun for you if they are still doing that.

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        It's my favorite spot on the busy side of the White Mountains. Love their food, love their bar.

    2. Thanks for the tips on White Mountain Cider Co. We are headed to Storyland in a few weeks and picking up sandwiches before the park is a great idea. The website says the Deli / Store is open at 7am. I assume I can order sandwiches early while picking up some cider donuts?

      We always grab one dinner at Moat Mountain...mostly because I like the beer. The food has always been good and it's large enough that my semi-well behaved children won't bother the people around us. I think they tend to pack families into the same area.

      May Kelly's is on our list this time. It seems to come up a lot and they have grilled cheese for the picky little ones. Maybe lunch on the way home.

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        Yes, you can order sandwiches early. We were there a couple week ago and went around 8:30.

        +1 for dinner at White Mountain Cider Co. Best meal in that area, in my opinion and a great cocktail list. Totally kid friendly - we went at 5:30 with our toddler and it was great!