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May 26, 2014 04:14 PM

Dauphin Island short report

Our go-to spot has always been the Lighthouse Bakery for big, beautiful cinnamon rolls, creamy granitas and sandwiches with homemade bread. This year we discovered the newly opened dinner spot, Southern Lights. Located on the south part of the island in a building billed in the 1950's as the property owner's clubhouse, we found a gorgeous unique restaurant with great food. The servers were personable (quite funny actually) and on top of things. On the menu you will find seafood, steak, burgers and salad. Check out the FB page for details. They also do Sunday brunch and have live bands by the pool. I cannot wait to go back next year. If you're in the area give it a try. The only reason I'm sharing this secret spot with y'all is in the hopes they have enough business to remain open. According to the locals they would love to have more full-time residents on the island. I know my goal is to be one.

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  1. Nice..thanks.would love to move there, but I only control 49% of the vote

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    1. Is the Pelican Pub still there?? We ate there about 10 years ago and had an absolutely amazing Grouper Po' Boy. Sat by the window and watched shrimp boats come in. Very nice lunch.


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        Sorry, just checking in on this now. Yes it is still open and I love it but hubby said meh. My friends liked it too. I love the fishing camp atmosphere.

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          Ya, our table overlooked a few shrimping boats that were returning with the day's haul. While eating a fresh Grouper Po'Boy. Unbeatable.