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May 26, 2014 03:05 PM

Cobb Gallaria recs

I'll be in Atl June 6,7,8 for Blade Show at the Cobb Galleria. My hotel is on Franklin Road SE in Marietta and I'll have a car. I really want to try a Banh mi while I am in town and also go to the food truck park. A good pizza would be nice too. Any recommendations for the areas I'll be in? What should I try at the food truck park? Thanks.

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  1. Blade is a hoot- I haven't been in a few years. Lots of fun.

    I may be wrong, but I think you'll have to go to Buford Hwy for good Vietnamese. Lee's Bakery and Nam Phuong are where we've been going lately, but there are places closer to 285 too. Pho Bac comes to mind for a little closer.

    Not sure what kind of pizza you're looking for- we have lots of Neopolitan style places, as well as your plain ole pizza. Double Zero Napoletana might be the closest, or the new Don Antonio in Buckhead. Both are a little fancier and get good reviews, but I haven't been yet. Otherwise, you're venturing much further into town.

    Other stuff that's nearby- Heirloom Market for BBQ (I took my Dad when he came in town for Blade a few years ago). Tasty China for Szechuan. Muss & Turner's for just good high-end deli/sandwich. OK Café for Southern. And so on.

    Have a great time! I've been on the fence about going but may still end up there.

    1. " What should I try at the food truck park?"

      You mean the food truck park on Howell Mill Rd?

      The most significant feature of any food truck park is the ability to look around and choose what appeals to YOU. There are different trucks there on different days. I generally make a circuit and see what's being offered by each, and then make a decision.

      1. I enjoy the following, all of which are nearby: Jakitori Jinbei for Japanese (particularly the Yakitori and the karage); Taqueria La Villa for authentic (and cheap) Mexico City style tacos; and Heirloom BBQ.

        For Banh Mi, definitely need to run to the Buford Hwy, and I agree with the earlier recommendation of Lee's Bakery.

        For pizza, Antico and Don Antonio's are not too far a trek.


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          I've head about Buford rd. How far away is it?

          1. re: nearlywild

            Only about 10 miles. It's a brutal drive there from Cobb in or around rush hour, but otherwise fine. There are lots of good spots on the Buford Hwy -- most of them "joints" -- just dig a little on this site. I particularly like Nam Phuong, Woo Nam Jeong Stone Bowl House, Sushi Hayakawa, Gu's Bistro and Lee's Bakery.

            1. re: SJMDownunder

              I checked out the places you recommended on Buford hwy and they look really good. Are there any Thai places on Buford that you like?

                1. re: nearlywild

                  To me, there is some decent Thai in Atlanta, but nothing special. I cannot think of anything on the Buford Hwy. It doesn't help that I was spoiled by ridiculously good Thai in Sydney for five years....

          2. I agree with SJMDownunder's recommendations, but I'll add, since your hotel is on Franklin Rd, that there's another similarly-named taqueria and market - Taqueria Real de la Villa - in the strip mall at Franklin and the south loop, across the street from Tasty China.

            Regarding Buford Highway, the blog Spatialdrift has covered the restaurants there more extensively than anybody else. This should leave you drooling:


            As regards the food truck park, I'm hating to say this, but make that a Plan B. It really feels like they're having trouble getting trucks there lately, especially on Friday and Saturday nights. Keep an eye on the park's Facebook page about who may be there and then double-check the truck's own schedule!


            But if the Blaxican truck is there, you'll be in for a treat.

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              Yeah, after looking at the recs from SJMDownunder the food truck park is now a very distant plan b. Thanks for the blog info. I've been looking for something like that to read but the closest that I found hadn't been updated in 4 years.

            2. I go to the Blade Show every year. And NEVER eat near the Cobb Galleria.

              If you have a car why limit yourself?

              There are so many good places to eat.

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                Oh, believe me, I'm not. I don't know the area but was hoping that something might be close especially for lunch so that I wouldn't be gone for too long from the show. I'm thinking that I'll order some extra food at the places I try and carry it with me to the show to eat and not even have to leave at all.