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May 26, 2014 01:43 PM

The Best Burgers in Atlanta??? via recently posted an article on the "Best Burgers in Atlanta".
I'm curious to see who agrees, who's tried, and if there are burgers missing???

1. The Burger at General Muir
2. The Highlander Burger- The Highlander
3. The Classic- Flip Burger
4. The Burger- Holeman and Finch
5. Chilli Cheese Burger- Mix'd Up
6. Jakes Sloppy Slaw Burger- The Red Eyed Mule
7. The Opti Burger- The Optimist

I can definitely agree with Holeman and Finch.

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  1. That's tough. There are several I haven't had. I really enjoy the burger at Bocado, Farm Burger, and Grindhouse (to varying degrees depending on the visit).

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    1. re: ted

      Farm Burger and Bocado are definitely in my list to try. I do agree though, Grindhouse should be a must for that list! IDK how it was skipped?!

      1. re: Enfielder

        I'll have to take your word on Varsity. Never had a burger, but I have had a hot dog about 5years ago when I first moved to Atlanta. I honestly didn't think it was worth the hype.

      2. I'm more inclined to follow the words of Todd Brock than anything produced by a survey site ... lots of average burgers on this list. I certainly have my own views on what constitutes a good burger but there are so many different styles out there

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        1. re: foodiebuddha

          Agreed! This list leaves off too many awesome burgers. Like the the foie gras burger from the Spence, or a Yankee style burger from Grindhouse. Personally, I think its a sin for any best burger in Atl list to not include the Ghetto Burger from Ann's Snack Bar.

        2. I'd pick The Earl's or even the Vortex's over The Highlander's. Note: These are the thick-patty style, not the smashed/griddled thin patty that is currently trendy. I think it's comparing apples to oranges to even compare thick-patty burgers with thin-patty burgers--they are two different animals, and each has its pros and cons.

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          1. re: LorenzoGA

            Judging two different things, in two completely different ways. I prefer the thicker patties as opposed to the thin. Only because, when I want a burger...I want just that: thick, juicy, chunk of meat dressed proper how I like. However, I do see the relevance in thin patties for that particular burger style or recipe.

            1. re: foodiebuddha

              I'm really becoming fond of this guy! Thanks for unknowingly introducing me.

              1. re: theeatlist

                no problem, he writes extensively for seriouseats which is a great source.