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May 26, 2014 01:11 PM

Vancouver, WA - NEW suggestions +/or try these?

I've posted this here hoping for quick responses as I got none on the metro Portland board. Am I missing something?

Looking for a couple of dinners and a lunch in Vancouver, WA. We have reasonable Thai in our depauperate, rural SE Oregon, so going for something else.

Old suggestions for nice restaurants include Roots, Hudson's at Heathman, and Lapellah (Blackstone looks closed). New opinions?

Really looking for less expensive and fancy places of different cuisines.
Beaches for seafood?
Daddy D's BBQ in the Shell mini mart? Or Goldie's BBQ?
Abhiruchi Indian Cuisine (close to motel)?
Any worthy Japanese?
Various Mongolian Grills?

Thanks for your help.

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  1. I do not eat out in Vancouver very often but since you are not likely to get much of a response here I will give you a few options. If you are really staying somewhere near Abhiruchi (I do not recall ever seeing a hotel there) and like Vietnamese food you might enjoy Tan Tan Cafe on 123rd and Mill plain. I love the Pho although it has not been as wonderful the last two times I have had it. Good, just not wonderful. There is also Green Papaya a bit further down Mill Plain near chucks produce market and McDonald's. Both of these places are very casual.

    Across the street from Abhiruchi is/was a very good casual sushi bar. It has been awhile since I ate there and I cannot remember the name. I tried to find in on yelp but there are lots of places that I cannot seem to find on yelp anymore. If it is still there it is very good but I will warn you, he is very, very slow. The chef and his wife are very friendly. They are located in a strip mall next to the gun store, behind the European hair salon.

    I have eaten at Roots and it is pretty good. Typical NW fresh local. I had a wonderful lamb stew there once. If I remember correctly he was formally a chef at Higgins in Portland. His food is very similar to what I cook at home so the menu is a bit boring to me. The food is nicely cooked if not a bit overpriced. I encourage you to take a look at the menu on his website. I hear that roots has a good burger at lunch.

    Roots is on the east side of town nearing Camas. You might want to check out Harvest in Camas. I have not eaten here but it looks good and I hear wonderful things about it. It looks better for dinner than lunch. There is also a Mexican place, Nuestra Mesa. It is good, every local I have spoken to here loves it. The tacos do not impress me but they make a good chicken soup and there are few more interesting looking things on the menu, which varies. I plan to give them a third shot some time. Even a bit further east in Washougal is a newer place called Ourbar. It looks very interesting to me but there tables look too darn uncomfortable and there hours have not worked out for me. If you end up in the area you might want to check them out (like,if you head out to the Gorge).

    If you are here during the weekend you might want to check out the Vancouver Farmers Market downtown. It is not as good as the Portland Farmers market but there are lots of food stalls. Pop-a-Bak makes a really good rolled baklava.

    I do not really think that I helped much here. I just wanted you to get some response. Vancouver is not exactly a food destination. I am sure that there is something downtown that is good but I do not spend much time there. I will give a link to an article that might be helpful. I am a long time lurker but do not post much so I do not think I am getting my links in correctly so I think you will have to cut and paste.

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      Thank you for your suggestions, Sampanther. BTW, your links worked just fine. We were in the area mid-week.

      I have to admit that we opted for ease and not driving after partaking and ate at Abhiruchi (near the Best Western). It was quite good, though we're really not well versed in Indian cuisine. For an update, we did not find a sushi bar across the street.

      And I couldn't help myself since we ended up being in Portland at early lunch time so we hit HA & VL (truly one of my absolute faves). We'd also stopped in north Salem the previous day and so had already had terrific Mexican food.

      I travel with my food list and your suggestions are all on it. Really, thank you, I appreciate your taking time to respond.