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May 26, 2014 12:25 PM

Palm Springs area? Any new suggestions?

In the greater Cochella Valley: are you able to make special suggestions for 2014 / currently?

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  1. Taqueria Tlaquepaque
    Cheap and Tasty.
    650 E Sunny Dunes Rd
    Ste 5
    Palm Springs, CA 92264

    1. Great Pancakes and Breakfast at Elmer's... very busy weekends and holidays.

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      1. Here's a story I wrote on places that have opened in the valley over the last year. For breakfast, Elmer's is OK and not cheap. For an amazing diner breakfast, try Rick's. For a higher-end, creative breakfast, go to Cheekys (though be prepared to wait)

        1. Rick's is definitely a greasy spoon joint but the food is fresh and service efficient.

          Cheeky's is overrated. We are always amazed at the line and the food Meh and inconsistent as well as the service. A bit of resting on their laurels and the love of Yelp!

          I would send you to Cafe Europa down the street next to Koffi. They have a nice back patio with great view of the mountain and the shops around. The coffee is delicious - french press both decaf and regular and we find the food is good and consistent.

          A new place that opened recently called Appetito next to the other Koffi (south Palm Canyon) is fun and worth trying.

          If you haven't already, pop into Tropicale for happy hour 4 pm everyday and have a coconut martini (or two) and a couple of apps or dinner at 5. Brunch is also fun to be at. Fun to people watch as well.

          And one of my all time favorites is Casa De Frida - it is not mexican food, but latin food. The Posole is amazing and it is definitely a bump up in taste. Just don't go expecting cal-mex or tex-mex.

          Check out Farm for crepes etc and dinner a few nights a week. Yummy Yummy Yummy!

          And if you want to try something different and unique
          try Dish - they call it creative cuisine.

          Just my take on the food here.
          The drinks are really the thing tho!