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May 26, 2014 11:28 AM

Seatac to Olympia

Hi 'hounds,
I'll be visiting your area, driving from seatac to Olympia/Sheldon at the end of this week; midday on Friday, and back lunchtime on Monday.
Any recommendations for sampling the bounty of the NorthWest along the route? Dives/rustic is preferred, but by no means essential.

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  1. Rather than food, mount rainer is not far if you have some time.

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    1. re: divadmas

      I know the terrain is excellent and I hope to see some; being from the arid lands of Southern California anything resembling an old growth forest is prized.
      I am hoping to find edibles that meet up with the land's high standards.

    2. Duke's on Ruston Way in Tacoma has the best chowder in Seattle.

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      1. So I'll be in Shelton on Sunday night, and unfortunately Xinh's is closed on Sundays.
        Any suggestions?

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        1. re: Phood

          Ranch House BBQ is about 20 miles and is open on Sunday and is good if you like BBQ/Dives/Rustic as you mentioned