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May 26, 2014 10:42 AM

This my reservation list. Thoughts?

This is my list with an eye to classic (and modern) British cuisine.

Day One
Lunch: Sweetings
Dinner: Harwood Arms

Day Two
Lunch/Afternoon Tea: Brown's Hotel
Dinner: Rules

Day Three
Lunch: Bull and Last
Dinner: St John

Good, yes? No?

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  1. Looks a lovely list - they are all within the same broad church of British cuisine but none of them are so similar as to be pointless doing both.

    The Harwood Arms is very much at the 'restaurant' end of gastropubs whereas the Bull & Last is full of dogs and children and people have a pint at the bar. Don't miss a walk on Hampstead Heath afterwards to get hungry again for St John.

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    1. re: ManInTransit

      Oh yes, ManInTransit! We are going to Highgate Cemetary and Keats House, so will work up an appetite.

      1. re: mrsflynn

        It does look at though you've done your research - there might be some value in looking at more modernist British cuisine or at other types of food but can't disagree with any of your individual choices.

    2. I hope your dinner at Rules will be quite late. The tea at Brown's is a lot of food as are all the great afternoon teas in London. I could never do dinner after, but we're all different.

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      1. re: zuriga1

        I know what you mean! The tea is booked for 2pm and dinner at 8. I thought I would go for it, as I am only in London three days!

        1. re: mrsflynn

          That sounds very doable. We usually do a late tea but yours could be lunch. By 8, you'll be ready for more food.