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Looking for plants and/or fresh epazote. I haven't been to Burrito Mercado but I'll be heading there looking for some.
Anyone know about this great Mexican plant?

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  1. The had it last year at the Minneapolis Farmers Market. Wonderful addition to Beans...The Marcado usually has it fresh.

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      I'd love to find a plant. It's great in carnitas too.

    2. and supposedly has the very nice benefit of helping to defuse the, er, intestinal side effects of bean dishes.

      1. You can buy seeds on Amazon.com. They can take a week or two to sprout, but the plant is easy to grow. It's a weed. People have found it growing wild in some parts of the U.S.

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          I bought one at Home Depot. I can believe it is a weed. I cannot get rid of it quick enough. A Honduran lady I know wanted me to bring her a rooted piece, which I did. She was very grateful. I have not cooked with it yet but plan to.

        2. I use fresh epazote in tortilla soup. Local Mexican markets often carry it. Surprisingly, I've been seeing it stocked at the Cub on 60th & Nicollet recently.

          1. I have gotten fresh epazote at cub on east lake street (By Target). In general they seem to have a good selection of Latino produce.

            1. I saw it last week at the St. Paul farmers market. It was in 4 packs from the people who sell herb plants (especially basils) towards the top of the middle row of stalls.

              1. I grew it one year. It was a HUGE plant - weedy.

                I'd try Jeff Adelman in Farmington - or he is at the downtown St. Paul farmers' market on weekends.

                1. if those options fail, Penzeys always has it in stock (dried of course). Use it anytime we make any bean dish!

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                    I went crazy the first time I used dried and my chili tasted like a barn. A little goes a long ways.

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                        Yes. I have a bottle of the dried stuff from Penzey's, and I use it sparingly.

                        When I'm using the fresh herb in tortilla soup, I throw in a few whole sprigs and remove them before serving.

                  2. The Wedge has small packages of fresh epazote in the produce department.