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May 26, 2014 09:29 AM

Ideas for Meeting in Canada


Two members from our India Office will be attending an afternoon meeting in Canada the day after they arrive. ( It will be 1:30 AM their time). I would like to serve them something to eat and drink.

What would you recommend? We would like them to feel welcome.

We would normally have coffee or tea and some cookies or snack. Would this be acceptable?

Thank you

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  1. Yes. When I was on business trips to India (New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, etc.), we invariably get served cookies with our coffee/tea. We were *never* served any savoury snacks in the afternoon.

    Be careful if you're serving any savoury snacks - most Indians are vegetarians, and they generally abhor any pork products, whether they are Hindus or Muslims.

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    1. re: klyeoh

      Thank you. I may try Maple Leaf cookies made with maple syrup.

      1. re: breadandcoffee

        They'll love those cookies.

        Indians are rather sweet-toothed - in India, even those innocent-looking sponge cakes turned out to be soaked in syrup!

    2. I often had indian colleagues visiting. I would say just treat them like any other guest after all they really are no different. Many will be vegetarian, some may not drink alcohol but thats no different to many others.

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      1. The only additional advice I would have is to ask whether they eat eggs. If they are strict vegetarians, it might be an issue.