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May 26, 2014 07:03 AM

Thanks UK Hounds

Just returned from a UK trip with a dozen of my students. I want to thank all of you for answering questions I posted and those I didn't post. I lurked extensively for a while and learned a great deal.

In Manchester, our first dinner at Albert Square Chophouse was great. The room was accessible and the food delicious. It was a little frustrating that the group menu is very similar to the early bird menu but much more expensive, but such can be the perils of group dining. We also visited Wright's for a great fish and chips and Try Thai for a quiet dinner for just me and my faculty chaperone.

In Liverpool we had a group dinner at Bakchich, which I learned about from this board, and a spur of the moment most-of-the-group dinner at East Z East, which one of you had recommended. Both were solid, but I'm still thinking about how good Bakchich was; one of my favorite meals of the trip.

In London we ended up at Tas near South Bank for our final meal, which was perfect before a show at the National Theatre.

Sadly, due to the constraints of working with 14 people, I didn't make it to some of the places I had most hoped to visit--like Sedap after our show at the Barbican--but we ate very well in large part due to you kind folks. My students, many of whom who had never had the opportunity or drive to try different foods, ate foods from all over the world and learned that the UK has brilliant and diverse restaurants.

Thanks, all.

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  1. Phew - relief that my recc for the Chop House worked out.

    Wrights has a decent reputation for fish & chips. I suspect its main trade will be at lunchtime - locals arent going to travel in to the centre for F & C when we've gopt good places in the suburbs.

    I may have also tipped EastzEast based on my experience at the Manchester branch. My favourite Indian in the city.