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May 26, 2014 06:24 AM

Do you butter your French toast?

I saw someone buttering their French toast this weekend. I have never buttered my French toast. I butter my pancakes. I butter my waffles. But I have never buttered French toast and I have no idea why that is. We didn't butter it as kids and it never occurred to me to butter it!

Do you butter French toast?

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    1. Why yes... yes I do.
      Whipped butter when I have it, otherwise a pat or 2 of std. butter.
      Then warm syrup.

      If I do a Cap'n Crunch coated or Corn Flakes coated French toast, then I may not butter.
      But always warm syrup.

      1. Oh yeah. :) but as I'm cooking for one, I just add a little butter atop the slices as they're finishing in the pan. It melts a little before I plate it up. Then the maple syrup over all. Yum.

        1. No, I cook it in lots of melted butter so it's not necessary to add more at the table. My husband, however, does not agree.

          1. Yes. Done that way by my parents, continues on with me.