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May 26, 2014 03:41 AM

Colicchio on The Food Movement and it's lack of effectiveness

Just saw this on Bill Moyers site. I am sure this will elicit responses, both positive and negative from the Greek chorus. I personally find it pretty well thought out.

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  1. Illuminating article; thanks for posting this.

    1. Thanks for that, Phaedrus. Excellent article.

      1. Apparently, they are on a media blitz. Much respect to the Chef for speaking up for what he believes.

        1. Food Policy Action needs a good lobbyist or twenty to keep up with the competition.

          1. It's a very well-reasoned article.

            I don't think many people think there is a "food movement" in America focused on combating hunger. To the extent there is one, it's focused on one of two things: 1) new food trends for wealthy diners, and 2) a national movement to move us off fast food and processed food.

            On the latter movement, its proponents are poorly positioned. Americans for decades have been bombarded with advertisements leading them to believe that fast food and processed food aren't bad for them, much in the same way the tobacco industry did the same thing decades ago. But in this fight, Americans generally don't think it's an issue even though the facts are very clear otherwise. With fast food, Americans are much more prepared to fight for their right to sustain themselves on McDonalds and super-sized sodas and contribute to the nutritional decline of their children.

            I was in Paris 15 years ago when the government introduced legislation regulating fast food advertisements to promote the message that McDonalds and related fast food items should only be eaten occasionally as part of a healthy diet. As an American back then I thought that was socialist and draconian. Now I see it differently.