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May 26, 2014 12:24 AM

Suggestions for smoked sturgeon

Perfect weather today in N. CA to lower the top on the roadster and take a long, leisurely drive up the coast. Late in the afternoon approx. 8 mi. past Half Moon Bay we spotted a sign advertising smoked fish in the town of Montara. We couldn't resist. 30 minutes later after a gratuitous tasting we departed with a 1/2# each of smoked sturgeon, and wild salmon. Plan to do a Nicoise-style salad preparation with the salmon, but would appreciate ideas for the sturgeon. It has a mild earthy finish. TIA.

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  1. a nice spread for crackers!

    some add sour cream and/or cream cheese. my nephew makes a smoked cobia spread that is like crab dip. addictive.

    photo is from page:

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      Thanks for your response alkapal. The owner of the shop suggested a spread of sorts as well that would pair nicely with sparkling wine.

    2. I think good smoked sturgeon is wasted in a spread. Sliced thin on a good bagel or light rye, full fat cream cheese, perfect tomato, black pepper cowardly ground.

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        "cowardly ground"

        Does this mean just a little bit? Like a timid pinch?

      2. Served on water crackers with a soft cheese and homemade mayonnaise. But smoked sturgeon is so good I usually just eat it plain before I get around to doing anything with it.

        1. First you must secure the best possible bagels you can find on the west coast. And none of those weird sun dried tomato ones. Sesame, everything, or especially rye or pumpernickle.
          Lightly toast the bagel, add a thin schmear of regular plain cream cheese, a few folded slices of fish, very very thin red onion slices on top. Maybe a few capers if you're fancy.

          Eat open faced with the sunday NY times and an original cel-ray soda.

          Repeat weekly, preferably on late sunday mornings.....

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            Followed your suggestion of sesame bagel, chopped chive cream cheese, capers, red onion, and tomato. Was DELICIOUS!