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May 26, 2014 12:01 AM

Bourbon and Bones BBQ

So I checked out this relatively new BBQ spot today. Haven't seen a viewpoint on here on Chowhound, so here we go. All-around, I was very impressed. I'd definitely put it in at least my top 5 for Seattle area BBQ, maybe higher.

The pitmaster's a Carolina guy, so the pork is definitely very good. There's a bottled mustard BBQ sauce available that works very with it, as well as a unique traditional BBQ saucem(that I preferred for the brisket).

The ribs were also good. A little on the sweet side (which is my personal preference, but some may be looking for something different.), but not excessively so.

This is also the only place I know of in the Seattle area that does an Alabama-style White BBQ sauce for their chicken, which immediately earns some points from me.

As always with BBQ, I caution that your results may vary. The hardest thing about BBQ (especially in this region, where temp and humidity vary so wildly) is consistency, and I may have hit it on a "good" night at the right time when things were properly off the smoker. But simply knowing they can deliver at this level, puts them in an echelon above many others in the area for me.

Also, in that vein, I was impressed that when I asked what was good today, I was offered a legitimate recommendation (I feel like rarely happens here, but is common in Texas and other BBQ communities), and in the end, I was very happy that I heeded the advice.

I'll definitely hit up this Fremont-Ballard spot more often to see what else they can do, and if they can keep the consistency, but definitely impressed in my first impression.

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  1. Hi, GY:

    Good review! I actually posted on this place some time back, and I agree with everything in your (much better) review.

    The sole (and minor) issue I had there was that the BBQ side of the house was separate from the beverage side, which led to an odd who's-on-first situation with ordering and my credit card.

    Legit Carolina BBQ can be an epiphany for Seattlites, so I hope they succeed and spread the word.


    PS: If IIRC, they had a very well-thought-out tap list, too.

    1. Thanks for this recommendation - it sounds good. As a somewhat frequent visitor from SF, I'm curious as to your Top 5 BBQ suggestions in Seattle. I'm sure there are lots of threads, and will check those, but I'm still interested in your recommendations. Thanks!

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      1. re: RichInMV

        Gabriel's Fire
        Rainin Ribs
        Pecos Pit (Sliced Brisket Sandwich, not the pork that everyone else gets)
        Bourbon and Bones

        and then there's kind of a big drop off, but maybe Bitterroot (they're really inconsistent, though) or Boar's Nest.

        1. re: GreenYoshi

          good list - for me B&B and RR are battling for first, but I can't tell how much of that is just because Rainin' Ribs is 12 miles round-trip and Bourbon & Bones is 12 blocks round-trip. Smoky chicken, mustard sauce, ribs.

          1. re: mrnelso

            It might be worth a loop for Rainin' Ribs brisket and a slab of Bourbon & Bones ribs. To Go. The spice and smoke and bark and tooth. Reheated today - yikes that's good.

            1. re: mrnelso

              You're not a fan of the ribs at Rainin' Ribs?
              I actually go the other way and dig their ribs but find their brisket to be a little plain (if I recall, they go pure Texas with just a salt and pepper rub).

              1. re: GreenYoshi

                All this great BBQ must be putting me in a fog. My go-to for years has been RR Mike's double meat with spares and brisket. Ours is definitely a more-is-better deal and we are afforded a fortuitous rotation. It's all good. Man, oh man, it's all good. I need a fix of RR hush-puppies and collards right-quick. I am slipping into a delirium involving a giant taste-off.

      2. I may have caught them on a bad night, but found the brisket to be really, really dry and tough. For a reference point, I've had brisket dozens of times from Rainin Ribs, and even the worst brisket I've had from Rainin Ribs has been head and shoulders above what Bourbon and Bones served tonight. The greens were pretty blah as well. That plus the loud music (loud enough that I couldn't have a conversation with the person across the table from me in a normal tone of voice) left me with a pretty negative impression.

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        1. re: creepygirl

          Same experience. The night we were there it was too loud, and people had spread out so much there were no open tables, so we did take out. It was ok. I'll try them again, but was not particularly impressed.

        2. Lived in Carolina for a bit, and went here with folks who lived there for years. We all agreed it wasn't on par with great NC BBQ, but was certainly good enough to help cure a jones. Walking distance from Ballard breweries and Ballard/Fremont transit, as well. But yeah, definitely a noisy bar vibe if that's not your thing.