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Hip, casual place for a small celebration in Oakland?

Looking for a tasty, convivial place for a small gathering. Not too soy-heavy, due to allergies. Any recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. Miss Ollie's, Fusebox, Ramen Shop, Hopscotch

      1. Commonwealth Cafe & Public House

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        1. re: mdougherty

          Commonwealth is *very* casual. And unless they've changed since I was there (it's been a while), there's almost no seating. Not really a place for more than three people to socialize, IMHO.

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            Commonwealth has as much seating as anyplace that's that small, they can handle groups. But if you want to go there with a group somebody needs to get there while it's quiet and commander enough tables.

          1. Thanks all--I will check these out!

            1. I would think about Barlata -- the communal table would work well.

              1. Hog's Apothecary- awesome CA beer list, food way better than it has to be, excellent really.

                Hog's and Ramen Shop are no reservations, if that matters.

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                1. re: twocents

                  I really like Hog's, but find it insane they charge $14 for a sausage. Excellent beer list though.

                  1. re: mdpilam

                    Hogs is a joke...can 't wait for it to to go under.


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                      They're not just pulling Saag's and Sunbeam out of bags.

                      The house-made sausages in the $14 sandwiches are twice the size of what other places sell for half the price and come with relatively labor-intensive garnishes such as roasted escarole and fennel-onion braise. You can get a normal-sized hot dog or corn dog for $7.

                    1. Mockingbird in Uptown. Super casual, very friendly, and had the best bread pudding I've perhaps ever eaten.

                      1. 2nd Mockingbird- delicious food and stellar service