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Have you ever really "scrambled" eggs?

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As in mixing different types of bird eggs - chicken, goose, quail, duck, ostrich, turkey, etc - and making scrambled eggs?

And then perhaps to gild the lily, garnishing this "scrambled" egg with some (what else, right?) caviar?

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  1. Hmm, no. Never thought about doing so.

    1. Nope, but I remember seeing something on YouTube where a guy cooked something that involved both fish eggs and cod milt.

      1. I frequently serve a dish composed of chicken and quail eggs, eggplant, eggfruit, eggnog and egg rolls. Of course, topped with caviar. :)

        1. Interesting whether to coin the term 'scrambled' or 'combined' a variety of different species of eggs. I do like the caviar touch, very classy!

          1. done the caviar-love love love it!
            never the different eggs together tho

            1. It would be mildly interesting to hear your answer to your own question, ipsedixit.

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                I have.

                And if you really want to be mildly interested, I used a raw salted brined duck egg as one of the eggs by mistake (along with chicken and quail and caviar).

                Needless to say, it was a bit salty.

              2. I've scrambled chicken and duck eggs as well as chicken and quail eggs.

                1. I've done duck and chicken egg..using chicken eggs from the breeders of fighting cocks that were still a legal item in Louisiana. The eggs were orange from the high protein that was fed to all the birds. You could play badminton with them.

                  Charles H Baker Jr.'s "Gentleman's Companion" has a fun one (TRY to make it right) called "Artichokes Tsarina" involving artichoke heart, fois gras on top and a poached egg on top of it all. Slit the yoke with a razor blade and fill the draining cavity with black caviar. That recipe, which I encountered at age 8 or 9, was my introduction to caviar and eggs and I've had lots of fun with it.