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May 25, 2014 05:59 PM

Let's hear it for our own Cliff's, named one of the 21 best Ice Creams Shops in America

Nice to see a local favorite and throwback to days gone by, get national attention

Now that summer is officially kicked off, you have no excuse, go out and visit Cliffs!

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  1. I've been in NNJ for the past 20+ years, and have never been to Cliff's. There are no excuses, except I didn't know about them until just the past few years, and I don't go west much.

    Guess it's way past time now. Maybe I can swing by before all the kids get out of school and the lines become insane.

      1. re: equal_Mark

        According to the article she linked to, it's in Ledgewood (Morris County).

        1. re: equal_Mark

          1475 Route 46 Ledgewood, NJ 07852
          973-584-9721 or 973-584-1665

          1. re: equal_Mark

            Cliffs is located just off Rte 80 at Exit 28 - the exit signs say "US 46 east to Route 10 - Ledgewood, Lake Hopatcong" It's also just a few min west of where the Ledgewood traffic circle used to be, at the junction of Rte 46 and the western terminus of Rte 10.

            The lines are always there, even in winter, (they are open yr round) so be prepared, Good news is that they move very fast, and the ice cream is so worth it. I've been a fan since their beginning, and currently drive 30 min each way, past other supposedly "premuim, home made" ice cream places that just do not compare.

          2. I must have made a dozen attempts to try and conquer that damned *Skyscraper*....never came close.

            I'll take Cliff's over Denville Dairy any day.

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            1. re: fourunder

              Is their ice cream worth a trip from the Paramus area? Have heard great things about Van Dykes in ridgewood too. (much closer but i really dont mind a nice drive for good ice cream, although my toddler is another story...)

              1. re: yogi70

                The short answer is *Yes*, provided you don't mind the two hours to drive there and the $20-30 added for the gas to fill your vehicle.

                But all kidding aside, while I really do enjoy their ice cream...making a special trip there for strictly ice cream is a long drive....however, I do recall they made some really great hard dipping ice cream. They used to make some great Coffee/Mocha combinations and something called Chocolate Silk(?) that was incredible. They are also known for have a large selection of Soft Serve Flavors like Black Raspberry and Black Cherry if I can recall correctly.

                In honesty, I would not go there just for the ice cream...but if driving anywhere near exits 25-27...then certainly it's a destination stop.

                BTW...I used to sell ice cream and purchased Van Dykes for my stand. While I thought it was very good ice cream, it wasn't exceptional like Cliff's. I believe Cliff's uses a higher Butterfat content mix for their ice cream and recipes....Cliff's may also use custard mix as opposed to regular ice cream mix for some of their soft serve.

                1. re: fourunder

                  thanks for the response fourunder. per google maps, its about 40min away, but you figure there and back, and at least some time to wait on line, and then to eat and enjoy the ice cream, yeah, were talking 2 hrs. at least there's no tolls! if we're in that neck of the woods, definitely will try to stop by. as far as more local spots, do you have any preferences outside of van dykes? (which i have not been too as of yet)
                  i enjoy conrads in westwood

                  1. re: yogi70

                    I grew up enjoying T & W on Ridgewood Avenue across from the County Park and Bischoff's in Teaneck. The latter is still run by the same family if not mistaken, so I would imagine the recipe is still the same. Whenever you ordered dipped ice cream, they always put on fresh whipped cream if requested. Not much has changed and that's the only place I can think of that still is a throwback to the old days.

                2. re: yogi70

                  If you find yourself at the Rockaway Mall, it's probably worth the trip.

                  Cliff's is on the WESTBOUND side of Rt 46, BTW. If you go there using Rt 80 Westbound, you'll follow signs to Rt 46 EAST, and then make the Uturn just past Cliff's. You'll see the stand across the street - then there's the light for the jughandle Uturn just past it.

              2. Somebody who lives in the area told me that at least one other shop in the area sells Cliff's ice cream.

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                1. re: ebchower

                  At least... Didn't take much searching to find this:

                  They're in Hackettstown.

                2. Cliff's used to make peach ice cream in the summer with local peaches - the last time i was there - during peach season - i asked, and they said that they were using 'store-bought' peach puree.

                  WHAT A disappoinment!!! their peach ice cream was really something special. hope they change it back!