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May 25, 2014 12:26 PM

Reyna's Mexican Restaurant - Tinton Falls

Hmmm, a couple doors down from my podiatrist. Been open about a year now. Especially like the sound of the Chili Toreado side on the Specials Menu to go with my Tacos. May have to take one for the team...

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  1. Interesting, on my radar now. Looks like more of a Tex-Mex menu, but that is what my wife and I like.

    1. I've never been myself but a friend of mine can't stop talking them up. Christina (Manager? Owner?) is said to be a very warm and accommodating hostess & is willing to tailor a dish to one's tastes. Word of warning, don't go if you're in a rush. Apparently everything is made to order and it can sometimes take a while for the food to come out...eager for your review!

      1. Went for dinner last night. Got there about 6pm and was sort of surprised to find the place packed. This included a party of nine that was just being seated when I arrived. The place remained relatively full the whole time I was there, and was doing a steady takeout business as well. Seemed unusual for a sunny, beautiful Sunday evening in the middle of Memorial Day Weekend.

        Was immediately brought out a basket of chips and salsa. The salsa was more of a chunky tex-mex style than the thinner versions featured at many "mex-mex" type of places where it is meant more to be spooned onto the food as opposed to scooped up with chips. I felt it could have been spicier, but it was well made and flavorful with bits of peppers, onions and cilantro.

        I ordered the Tacos al Pastor which is my benchmark for most Mexican places. I had noticed that the online menu offered tacos with a choice of "Soft Corn Tortillas" or "Home Made Soft Corn Tortillas." This distinction was not made on the paper menus in the restaurant, but when I mentioned it to the server I was told that they were indeed available but would take a bit longer to prepare. I decided to go for it anyway, picturing the help out back grinding the dried corn into masa with an oxen powered grinding stone to fashion my "Homemade" tortillas...

        Also ordered the Chili Toreados, Spicy jalapenos grilled and served with lime and tamarindo sauce to go with my tacos (peppers were roasted and split lengthwise). Also got a small side of guacamole (note that guac appears in 4 different sizes in both the Sides and Dips sections).

        All in all everything was quite good. The portions were large and nicely spiced. The "Homemade" tortillas were a bit thicker than the standard issue commercial ones and seemed a bit more prone to splitting. As mentioned above there was a bit of a wait given that the dishes are prepared to order and the place was packed. Bill came to $20 before tip. The servers were exceptionally nice and had a thorough knowledge of the menu. Look forward to working my way through the menu...

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          Nice review Mark......I'll have to hit this place soon also.

        2. We have eaten at Reyna's twice. The food is delicious, very good portions AND made from scratch, so if it is busy you may have to wait but it is worth it! Delicious!

          1. I love Reynas!!! The food is excellent!!! I recommend everyone try this place. I eat here every chance I get!!!