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"odd lot" stores??

When I worked in PA, had an "Ollies" along the way. Gambled on a few thing with few disappointments. Extra V olive oil (labelled Italy/Spain) and not a mix of oils... a few FABULOUS and a few just so-so but not BAD. Most "brands" had a website and prices I paid were GOOD compared to online sales.

At Big Lots last week, bought a quart of pure maple syrup for $13. Check-out girl wondered WHO would pay that much for syrup... probably someone who has never had anything other than Log Cabin or Mrs. B's?? From manufacturer's web site, found out it cost about TWICE that amount to buy onliine.

Have a REALLY ODD lot store that I get to on occasion. Ya never know WHAT you're gonna find. One time found BAGS of Frank's hot sauce... maybe restaurants buy this way?? Date on packaging was fine and that stuff last pretty much forever anyway. Some kinda "injection" glaze/syrup stuff that was interesting.

Do ya go to odd lot or off brand places to shop? And what FINDS have ya found?

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  1. Hi, kseiverd:

    We have one here called Grocery Outlet. I actually buy a lot of things there, including wine, staples, and some produce. The receipt you're handed shows a total dollar saving over retail, and it never ceases to amaze me how much money I was wasting in the hoity-toity stores.

    Another one I use is called Cash & Carry; it caters mostly to restos ad fishing boats--really good prices there, too. Great bulk meat prices.


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      There's a regular Grocery Outlet thread on the San Francisco board. Wines get the most mention.

    2. I love Big Lots! I just like to wander around and see what's new. They have an interesting international section. I find good prices on snacks for my boys to take to school.

      1. Just got home from Ocean State Job Lot, a Rhode Island base chain that has spread throughout New England over the past 20+ years.

        In the food section I bought 3.4 lb glass jars of all natural no sugar added apple sauce for $2.25. dated out to late 2015. We always buy our crackers there or at Dollar Tree. Great imported selection at low prices. About 50% of supermarket price. This is also where Mrs B buys EVOO, dried fruit, bagged nuts and cheap jarred spices.
        Today all Spice Supreme spices were 88 cents each. I needed caraway seeds to make hot dog goulash. In our area supermarkets they only sell McCormick brand caraway seeds in a jar half the size for $5.39.

        As for quarts of pure maple syrup>>>Costco is $12,99, Ocean State is $14.99, but puts it on sale fro $12.99 near holidays. From June 5-11 Ocean state will give all seniors 62 and older 25% off on all items. We'll be stocking on on both non perishables and non foods such as garbage bags, dog beds (our youngest eats 2 per month) swimming pool chemicals, etc.

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          Love love love OSJL! I regularly buy my fave plastic wrap (stretchtite) there for $1.99, Janes Crazy Mixed Up Salt for $1.50, Bobs Red Mill Oats for $2ish, plus they have great English/Irish products -great teas, biscuits and crackers. I think they have a special relationship with Polar as I can often find the hard-to-find flavor so there for dirt cheap.

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            I do find a few good things at OSJL. My latest find was a jar of red cabbage with apple--good hot or cold. But I have had poor experiences with their cookies and Indian mixes.
            Just bought some cheap plant stakes at 1$ each today.
            Dollar Stores also have a few worthwhile products.

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            bagel...you don't publish an email address, so here goes...check out site talk

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              Ocean State rocks. I have bought fantastic organic, unfiltered, EVOO from Italy for $5.99 a liter. They also have all the Bob's Red Mill products cheap.

              I was just there yesterday, and I found this wonderful Pomegranite and Sour Cherry juice for $1.99 a liter bottle. They also had DOP San Marzano whole canned tomatoes from Italy for $2.99 a 28oz can. I love going in there to see what goodies I can find.

            2. We have a locally owned store that sells food that is near, or past, the 'best by' date. Sometimes there are fresh mushrooms 2/$1 that are just as good as at a regular supermarket. There are a lot of frozen, refrigerated, and other produce, besides the grocery items. I usually stop in there at least once a week.

              1. We go to Big Lots every couple of months. I've found some great mustards there, cereal at good prices, I bought out all their Pom tomato sauce (at two stores) once for $1 each.
                Sometimes I find good jarred sauerkraut cheap, or dried fruit. When my son was in college, I'd pick up granola bars and brownie or cookie mixes for him there.

                1. I love Big Lots! I buy my spices there and sometimes jam made in Germany. I found Biscoff spread there too.

                  1. it has been my experience that if I plan to use the products in a week, or a month or two, there are some ~great~ deals to be had.

                    Probably not the place to shop for the "put in the pantry and forget about it for a year" kinda people.

                    I've found maple syrup, artichoke hearts, and coconut milk.
                    Ingredients I use regularly and am happy to "rescue" at a discount.

                    1. I wander into the stores occasionally...you need to be a little more diligent in reading codes,country of origin etc..
                      Most, not all, products in these stores are either distressed, bankruptcy purchases, manufacturer overruns, sometime even quality control rejects.
                      That being said I never..never but food or beverages at
                      those stores.

                      1. We have Aldi's, Sav-A-Lot, Superduper WalMarts, Bravo, Jamaican, Puerto Rican, Phillipino, and Korean independents, as well as the Dollar stores and BigLots within a 10 mile radius of our downtown. Lots of choice.

                        Until a year ago, at BigLots, I could purchase Jakobs Kronung coffee from Germany for $3.50 for a half kilo and at least a year left on the best by date. European waters both flavored and still, mostly from Italy and France for a buck a liter. Large bags of Doritos for $2. Standard size cans of veggies between .35 and .65 each. Never had an issue with dates or quality.

                        Some prices are more expensive than in the major supermarkets. Just about anything in the fridge or freezer case.

                        Aldi's in this area is cost effective for dairy products. Bravo for the butcher. Dollar stores for basics such as flour, sugar, and general herbs and spices. And the lowest priced beer in the county. Of any flavor.

                        And I get my fresh veggies at the independents. But Publix is my main grocery store.

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                          Based on your post, I just went to my local big lots to find Jacobs Kronung instant coffee but no luck.

                          Half kilo of coffee for drip?

                          Whole beans or pre-ground?

                          I drink their instant, which is yummy! Why did they discontinue?

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                            They sell things that are discontinued by the manufacturers, so when it's gone it's gone.

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                            Based on your post, I just went to my local big lots to find Jacobs Kronung in stand coffee but no luck.

                            Half kilo of coffee for drip?

                            Whole beans or pre-ground?

                            I drink their instant, which is yummy! Why did they discontinue?

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                              We have only gotten the pre-ground drip coffee in this area. I have not seen Melita for years. Bean or ground.

                          3. Our dollar stores in oregon don't sell alcohol. That'd be interesting.

                            1. Just found the big 28z cans of Rotel at my Odd Lots, usually you have to buy them by the case. And only $2.50 each.

                              1. The "odd lot" style stores are very popular with the Amish and Mennonite community where I live. There is an independent one (Mennonite owned) in most towns. The food looks fine, my dad loved shopping at them and would come home with all sorts of treasures. Most items were close to or past the sell by dates but I am ok with that.

                                I have found fantastic deals on sunscreen, razor blades and other health and beauty aids. I remember buying Oral B replacement brush heads for $3 a pack of 3.

                                I know someone that works at one and she said a lot of the items come through a broker that moves rejected shipments, dead stock inventory, bankruptcy liquidations and the like.

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                                  Those things, plus discontinued items and items where they've changed the label or packaging and want to clear out the old stock.

                                  I shop at Grocery Outlet a lot. One of the things I enjoy is seeing regional brands or products not sold elsewhere in the Bay Area.