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May 25, 2014 11:37 AM

Any San Francisco recommendations, since you know me better? (Post in my SF thread.)


I'll be in SF first week of June. I made a post on the SF board (, but since you know me better than SF 'hounds, if you have a rec, please post there. Thanks!

(Mods, is this alright? I specifically want to get L.A. 'hounds input too.)

  1. Swan Oyster
    I like Yuet Lee because they're open till 3am W-Sat Where Turkey is King!
    and just your luck there's a Stinking Rose too!

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      1. re: wienermobile

        Sorry but SOD is overpriced and overrated. Classic tourist trap.

        1. re: ipsedixit

          For once. I completely and utterly agree with.

          And the gruff waitstaff show is an overly shitchy attempt at being real.

      2. If you head across the bay to Oakland visit Bake Sale Betty for their fried chicken sandwich. Fried chicken sandwich ($7.75) is a messy combination of two huge buttermilk battered and deep fried white meat chicken breasts with some spicy jalapeno zest, topped with a slightly spicy, tart, crunchy mayo-less coleslaw crammed into an Acme Bakery bun. Awesome stuff, crunchy and deliciously artery clogging but well worth it. Pretty spicy. Messy as it is large, the cole slaw gets all over the place. Some ask for it on the side or just avoid it.

        and Zachary's Pizza for great deep dish pies.

          1. re: wienermobile

            Oh. And Molinari for better than Bay Cities style sandwiches. And heroes.

            Tomassos for old
            Old old school

            L Osteria
            del Forno for pastas and Italian tapas.

            Coi and the French laundry because they are so heralded though I have never

            Milipitas tacos if still there.

            Oh and this tailor made just for you the Offaly Offal:

            The fatted calf for all thinks livery and sausages. There ain't nothing like it in LA.

            Soccas in Berkeley since nowhere else happens to dole out Soccas.

            And Sawa Sushi in Sunbyvale if you can get in with the proper friends or family of Steve Sawa. And then let it ride.

            Damn. I'm getting seriously hungry. But I'm prolly settling for chipotle-way. Long story .....

          2. North beach: Stella bakery for best cannolis and incredible brownies. Not to be missed!

            North beach: Firenze by night. Low key old school Italian. Rabbit with truffles, gnocchi.

            North beach: Golden boy pizza. Rectangular slices of deliciousness. Grab slice sit in park or go to coit tower. Back to stella.

            Oh and of course not to be missed in north beach: the stinking rose!! Amazing steaks!!!!

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            1. re: jessejames

              I've never hit up the stinking rose in north beach. It's good to know its there.

              1. re: kevin

                Great place for dive bars too w mr bings and Vesuvios and the saloon (oldest bar in sf??) and many more. But not family spots!

              The pastrami at Wise Sons is home-cured. That rye bread? Made earlier that morning on the very same counter (by day, a Hobart mixer the size of a bar mitzvah boy is pushed into a corner by the door). The chefs pickle their own pickles, have their lox cured and smoked nearby to their specification, bake their own rich chocolate babkas and, of course, roast the chicken and vegetables that will bubble away in their giant cauldrons of amber-colored soup.