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May 25, 2014 09:45 AM

Genevieve's Kitchen -Doylestown

Four of us had a very nice dinner at this delightful byob last night. The door was open to the patio and it was a lovely evening. Very good, locally sourced food in a charming old house across from the County Theater. The bread was exceptionally good.

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  1. More details please Jan. The problem is that I have to walk past Nina's Waffles and Sweets to get there. Maybe if I parked nearer the courthouse.

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      That's good too! Great ice cream. For dinner three of us had the tricolor salad (three types of lettuce, grape tomatoes and Cabozola blue cheese with a vinagrette dressing). The other person had a caprese salad. Everyone was happy with these starters. For entrees, two people had grouper in a caper citrus sauce with mashed potatoes. The other two had the Tina special with mashed sweet potatoes. The waitress got my medium rare confused with his well done. We switched once we realized. My husband thought the grouper was excellent, as did the other person I. The party who ordered it. I thought the tuna was good but not sure why I ordered it as it's not a favorite. The broccoli rabe my husband ordered as a side was delicious, according to him. Dessert was a wonderful spumoni. Coffee was Small World, which Genevieve buys in Princeton. The bread is also from Princeton. I wish I could remember the name of the place because it was superb. It was served with butter that had sea salt on top. I liked the music (Neil Diamond and that ilk -which might not appeal to everyone). It wasn't too loud in the room where we sat, but our friends said it is quite loud if you're sitting in one of the interior rooms. Total before tax and tip was $85.

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        Wow thanks for the great review. Doylestown gets very tempting this time of year and it sounds like this place is a real winner.

    2. I posted this on an earlier visit to Genevieve's back in March. Very pleased with our experience there.

      1. I just had an early dinner there for the first time too. My overall impression was just, meh. I liked sitting on the patio even if there was a mop and mop bucket sharing the space with us. My feeling is that they don't pay enough attention to the details that give a really good restaurant its zing. None of the plates served to us were worthy of having a picture published on social media and the food for the most part was just okay.

        I ordered the farro burger and when they brought it to me one side of the "burger" had fallen off. I thought that was a bad sign but the flavors were actually pretty good, but it didn't hold together at all. The fries that came with the sandwich, however, were soggy and greasy. I only ate one. It looked like they were trying the double-fry method, which I normally like a lot, but they just weren't able to pull it off. Maybe they didn't have their grease hot enough. I don't know, but the fries were terrible; no other word for it.

        One of our diners ordered rare flank steak and they served it medium - not even medium rare. She should have sent it back but it would have put her out of sync with the rest of us. She said the sauce that was served with the steak was delicious, but the fries that came with it were like mine. She also had the grilled romaine and I didn't hear any complaints about that.

        My husband had the ravioli of the day which was ravioli stuffed with, I think feta, but it could have been ricotta. He said the portion looked very small and not very appetizing but the flavor was pretty good and the size ended up being okay. I think the cost was over $20 though. Way too high for what he got. I took photos of the food and below is the pic of my husband's ravioli. That's just how it came to the table - on a messy plate with a sprig of watercress trying to hang on. All the plates were very unattractive.

        I didn't have the bread but everyone else at the table agreed it was amazing. My husband said it was so good that he would like to go back and ask them where it came from.

        The Spring Greens salad was very good, although there was a lot of pith left on the oranges (on my plate but not my husband's!). The Purple Haze Goat Cheese was outstanding.

        The service was lazy and unattentive. The server kind of yelled out to us as she breezed by asking if everything was okay. We had to stop someone to ask for water. And it wasn't even busy. We were the only diners on the patio.

        The tab for 4 of us without drinks of any kind or dessert was $115, sans tip.

        I might eat there if I were in Doylestown and every other restaurant was booked but there was nothing that made me drool or dream about it. I wouldn't recommend it to a friend. If they want to be taken seriously they need to tweak their food and their service. It does have potential but it sure isn't there yet!