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May 25, 2014 08:50 AM

New restaurant in Hampden - Le Garage

Went to a new restaurant in Hanpden last night - Le Garage. Food was great. The menu was one page and I found at least four things I wanted (which is unusual for me). The sauteed mushrooms were excelent. So was the cod appetizer. Then there are the french fries. There were numerous ramekins of sauce to chose from to accompany them. I had the ketchup kimchi. It was great. The service was great and the restuarant itself was nicely redecoraterated from what was there before. Altogether, I would highly recommend it. This is my first post on Chowhound. I plan to offer recommendations on other restaurants in the Baltimore / DC area. My GF, a regular lurker (apparently that is a Chowhound specific term for someone who regularly views the site but rarely posts), just showed me how.

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      1. Thanks for sharing! We have a reservation next weekend, so I'll report back soon too!

        1. Loved the aioli for the fries--as good as Ive ever had anywhere. I though the bone marrow was meh, however

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          1. Are they still charging $8 for a draft of Union Craft Brewery? That's the only issue I've got with this place. Overpriced beer from a brewery that's a .7 mile walk down the street.

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            1. re: fdaapproved

              $6 for a Union Rye Baby when I was there. I thought the prices were reasonable given what they were offering.

              1. re: gregb

                Good to see that they've gone down. I don't mind paying $10 for a good mixed drink. $8 drafts from a place down the street is ridiculous no matter how good the food or decor.