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Sandwich Trays (WeHo area)

Any suggestions of where I can order sandwich trays for a kids birthday party (in West Hollywood)? Looking for something reasonable, but also tasty of course. My first thought was Porto's, but it's a little far. Prefer non-chain (i.e., no Subway). TIA.

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  1. Greenblatt's would be excellent quality, but might exceed what you view as "reasonable." For kids, you might request sandwiches cut in fourths, to minimize waste and possibly cost.

    1. Bristol Farms on Beverly.

          1. Technically a chain, but Gelson's?

            1. 2nd Mendocinos-they do little mini sandwich party trays I think!!

              1. Thanks for all the suggestions! I guess I should have said what 'reasonable' to me means since it's subjective. Porto's is around $46 for tray for 25 count. I love Mendocino, but too $. Mini sandwiches look awesome tho. We are having approx 35-40 adults/35-40 kids. Bristol Farms will prob be above budget also, but will look into Soda Pop (LOVE), Greenblatt's and Gelson's. Thanks again!

                1. You might want to try Ralphs…yeah, I know it's Ralphs, but honestly, I've always had a good sandwich there. And they use Boars Head, so really, how bad could it be?

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                    You're totally right! I just want simple sandwiches for my twin 3 year olds "Princess" party...their platters are $39.99 for Boars Head. Perfect! And they even have a Princess cake!!

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                      If at all possible, I would suggest trying to have them make a fresh(-ish) platter for you. My experience w/ my local Ralphs is that the stuff that's more freshly prepared taste quite a bit better than the stuff that's sitting in the case (which is true of Gelson's, as well).

                    2. Simple Things. They have adorable mini pies too.