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May 25, 2014 08:31 AM

Good lunch downtown... that can do GF

Looking for a place to have lunch downtown. Needs to have food for someone who is Gluten and Diary-free... but hoping to avoid all veggie or vegan-type place. Also need to be able to have a conversation, so ideally no deafening noise level... Any thoughts?

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  1. Try Grand Central Market. Many Many choices….

      1. Blue Cow Kitchen on 3rd and Grand

        Mendocino Farms on 5th and Flower (with seating outside

        Industriel on 6th and Grand

        1. Border Grill has a lot of GF options and labels them on its menu. I know Border Grill has its detractors here, but I have been fairly pleased in all of my recent visits.

          1. w/o reading the post: you want a lunch downtown that can do your girlfriend?

            Bar + Kitchen, O Hotel is "upstairs".

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