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May 25, 2014 08:23 AM

College group Lexington & E 24th. Sushi? Ramen?

My son and his college jazz band will be staying near Lexington & E 24th St in early June. He's interested in under $20 sushi or ramen meals within walking distance.

Also interested in other foods at bargain prices. This stuy-town thread was helpful. Would appreciate other tips too. Thanks!

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  1. I work nearby and that's kind of a weak neighborhood for East Asian, but it has some wonderful Indian choices. It's nicknamed "Curry Hill." Would he be interested in that?

    But there's Shake Shack, Lamazou, Hill Country Chicken, Kalustyan's second floor cafe nearby.

    I am not sure I'd trust sushi under $20 (especially when including tax and tip) these days in Manhattan.

    1. Lulu, a Vietnamese sandwich place on 26th Street just off Lexington, has delicious food at (actually, below) the price point you mention. Plenty of space to eat in, too.

      1. This "flatiron lunch" column has options under $10

        Motorino's $12 pizza and salad lunch a bit south is worth the walk.

        I would also avoid cheap sushi here.

        Kenka on st marks is a cheap japanese izakaya that's popular with the nyu students- the food is fine, not outstanding but a college guy could get full for under $20 easily.

        1. There is a very reliable second tier ramen place at 22nd and Lex if I recall.. Terakawa at 18 Lexington Ave.

          not sure if there are any bargains but one can get a lot of choices at Eataly lunch counters (23rd and 5th) and the variety of places that have cropped up around 24th and 25th 5th Ave to 6th Ave.... it really is a mini gourmet area

          1. Thanks very much everyone! We appreciate the help.