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May 25, 2014 05:58 AM

gatlinburg - wild plum lunch

In tourist trap land we found this special restaurant!
I've read a couple of places there are no really good restaurants in this area. But this one is really great.
It is a lunchtime restaurant so - have your big meal of the day at lunch and have it here.
We tried the Salmon burger - very lightly breaded and almost pure salmon, The Kobe burger --excellent and the turkey sandwich with lemon pepper spread also very good. We missed the lobster pie as they had run out but were told it's excellent as well. The sandwich all come with soup, fruit or a salad. Tiny muffins are served as a starter.
We also tried a sugarless, flour-less chocolate tart for dessert - very rich, very worth it.
This place is located on the arts and crafts trail about 3 miles from downtown. It's an easy drive.

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