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sour cream &/or yogurt... interchangable??

Had this bit of a craving for some kinda dip and didn't have ANY sour cream in fridge. Did find an individual serving of plain yogurt... WAY past date on container, but that's another topic already started here somewhere. I used it in place of sour cream with totally acceptable results.

Would I be safe in saying that these 2 products are pretty much interchangable?

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  1. They are to me. Haven't bought sour cream in at least 10 years now. It does help to use the full fat type, but not 100% necessary either.

    I's been using the Chobani pineapple flavor a lot too, on baked yams and in my cole slaw for example.

    1. For a dip and other uses maybe, but definitely not for baking pastry, cookies, etc. Sour cream has a higher fat content.

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        I always bake with full Greek yogurt and am very satisfied with the results. I like the flavor of yogurt better. Maybe that's just me but what can I say?

        1. For cold dishes, sure I do it all the time. I rarely have sour cream and usually have yoghurt in the fridge. For hot dishes, no way. Yoghurt is a "curds and whey" mix and splits when heat is applied.

          1. I find that I can usually sub one for other depending on the type of yogurt. However the while consistency is very close yogurt has a distinct flavor that does not always lend itself to a sour cream based dish

            1. depends on what either of them is going into

              1. With the exception of baking, generally where sour cream is called for I blend 50/50 with good results.

                1. To me they have distinctly different tastes and textures. While they can both be used in some of the same ways, I would not consider them "interchangeable."

                  1. For dips and salads (chicken, egg, tuna, potato, etc), most definitely. But I'm not sitting down to a bowl of sour cream topped with fresh berries and granola. ;)

                    I'm also not putting a dollop of yogurt on my quesadilla. It would probably taste ok, but I think sour cream would be my preference.

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                      lynn - yeah? ever had Berren mit Quark? (essentially mixed seasonal berries topped with a dollop of a soured creme fraiche) not bad at all

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                        "Topped with" being the key. Not a bowl full of sour cream topped with fruit.

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                        Really? One of my favorite summer treats is strawberries dipped in sour cream - maybe a little drizzle of agave or honey. Sure, I wouldn't have a whole bowl of sour cream, but I also rarely have a whole bowl of plain yogurt either - it's always a much higher proportion of fruit to yogurt.

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                          " but I also rarely have a whole bowl of plain yogurt either - it's always a much higher proportion of fruit to yogurt."

                          I'm the opposite - mostly yogurt and just a few strawberries or blueberries.

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                            I love fresh picked strawberries from my garden with a dollop of sour cream & a drizzle of agave.

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                              Funny- my mom was just telling me to dip strawberries in sour cream, then roll in brown sugar. Haven't done it, but it sounds delicious.

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                                You must give this a try this strawberry season. It is a favourite for myself and my family during strawberry season.

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                                  With my Mom, it's always been homemade whipped cream with lots of sugar added at the last minute, so it's still a little crunchy.

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                              One of James Beard's (remember him? right up there with J. Child) excellent, easy and delicious tips for dessert was blueberries with maple syrup and a dollop of sour cream. An oldie but still very very goodie.

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                                A dollop, sure. A bowl of sour cream, no thanks. :)

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                                  My grandparents - and many others of their generation, I'm sure - often ate a bowl of sour cream with banana slices for breakfast. You can still get a side of sour cream at some old-school deli's, like this one in Manhattan:


                                  I thought it was gross, too, when I was a kid. But only because at the time I preferred Cool Whip to sour cream (those days are gone).

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                                    Interesting! Similiarly, as a child I remember older folks drinking buttermilk and I watched in horror... I just didn't understand why a person would drink that stuff in place of whole milk. My preference was whole chocolate milk. Ha! Those days are gone for me as well.

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                                      My mother has told me about one of her aunts drinking clabber, which is milk set out at room temperature and allowed to curdle. This is what I think of whenever someone posts about the wonders of eating food your grandma would've eaten. Because...ugh. All yours, grandma. I'll eat the non-spoiled food.

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                                        my grandfather loved drinking buttermilk, especially on a hot and humid day.

                                        Blergh....never could wrap my head around that one.

                              2. Not interchangeable, no. I would not top borscht with yogurt, nor would I try to make lassi from sour cream. I feel the same way about vinegar - I wouldn't make pickled mustard greens with balsamic vinegar, for instance.

                                1. As long as the yoghurt is unsweetened and unflavoured, sure...

                                  1. A classic Indian dip using yogurt is raita. The yogurt is stirred, seasoned with salt and cumin (preferably whole seeds toasted and freshly ground). Then something like grated cucumber is stirred in.

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                                      Just as aside, Raita is not really a dip, it functions more as a Salad or Condiment. Not that you can not dip things into it just not a typical application.

                                    2. i rarely have sour cream and almost always have yogurt. i use that for baking all the time, but don't generally care for dip kinds of things.

                                      1. I tried yogurt on my nachos and didn't like it at all. Sour cream please.

                                        1. They are to me. I no longer buy sour cream anymore. I always have Fage and Labne instead.

                                          1. I've found that to be true.

                                            1. Not for me.

                                              I like both yummy dairy products...but they have completely different applications in my kitchen.

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                                                Me too. Both texture and taste are different.

                                              2. Not "pretty much" for me at all, but occasionally OK. Sour cream has considerably more (4x) fat (even compared to full fat yogurt), and about 1/3 the protein, so it's less likely to break when exposed to heat, and the mouthfeel is quite different.

                                                1. Close enough.

                                                  Not like we're talking about circumcision ... Not mine, anyway.

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                                                  1. I would say you could probably swap yogurt for sour cream more than sour cream for yogurt…does that make sense?

                                                    1. Last night I subbed nonfat plain Greek yogurt for light sour cream in a corn spoon bread recipe - basically, I had completely forgotten that the recipe called for sour cream and we had none and I didn't feel like going back to the grocery story. It worked out mostly fine; the spoon bread was a little more moist (pudding-y) than usual, but tasted pretty similar. So now I'd be pretty comfortable baking with yogurt if I had to... though I would probably try to plan better!!