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May 25, 2014 05:42 AM

sour cream &/or yogurt... interchangable??

Had this bit of a craving for some kinda dip and didn't have ANY sour cream in fridge. Did find an individual serving of plain yogurt... WAY past date on container, but that's another topic already started here somewhere. I used it in place of sour cream with totally acceptable results.

Would I be safe in saying that these 2 products are pretty much interchangable?

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  1. They are to me. Haven't bought sour cream in at least 10 years now. It does help to use the full fat type, but not 100% necessary either.

    I's been using the Chobani pineapple flavor a lot too, on baked yams and in my cole slaw for example.

    1. For a dip and other uses maybe, but definitely not for baking pastry, cookies, etc. Sour cream has a higher fat content.

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        I always bake with full Greek yogurt and am very satisfied with the results. I like the flavor of yogurt better. Maybe that's just me but what can I say?

        1. For cold dishes, sure I do it all the time. I rarely have sour cream and usually have yoghurt in the fridge. For hot dishes, no way. Yoghurt is a "curds and whey" mix and splits when heat is applied.

          1. I find that I can usually sub one for other depending on the type of yogurt. However the while consistency is very close yogurt has a distinct flavor that does not always lend itself to a sour cream based dish

            1. depends on what either of them is going into