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May 24, 2014 11:39 PM

Most Unique San Diego Restaurants?

Love Turf Super Club for their ambiance and communal grilling. What other unique dining spots are there in San Diego?

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  1. I don't know we just got here yesterday-I'll have to ask the kid- < he lives here ;:-/

    1. The original bull taco in cardiff for view and outside laid back dining. (don't know if its unique but the right day and time its pretty cool.)

      The communal Thursday table at A.R. Valentien.

      1. Start on Convoy Street and work your way, door-to-door. It doesn't matter if you begin on the north or south, you will find many answers to your question.

        After that, try the Kearny Mesa area - there are many unique and wonderful places there.


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          What makes the restaurants in this area unique to any other restaurants anywhere in SD ?

        2. It all depends on what you deem unique. But if you are thinking unique as someplace local that you can't get anywhere else, then I'd go with a taco shop. Actually, the first stop my brother makes whenever he comes home for a visit is to one of his several favorite taco shops. To step it up a notch, go with Tacos El Gordo (for tacos), or for a sit down meal, go with Super Cocina or Aqui Es Texcoco (which I plan on trying sometime soon).

          Additionally, our beer is. . .just fantastic. And the beer pubs are equally fantastic. The most unique has to be Fathom Bistro - it sits on a pier off of Shelter Island (or Harbor Island).