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May 24, 2014 11:30 PM

Favorite Food Trucks

What are your favorite food trucks in San Diego? (When/ Where do you visit them?)

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  1. Mariscos El Pescador

    It's pretty much always in the parking lot off Industrial Ave south of the L Street offramp in Chula Vista.

    excellent shrimpy consommé ( free with your order ), fish tacos ( somehow the only one that hits the spot anywhere in SD- I challenge anybody to share something better ), aguachiles (if that's your thing), ceviches etc.

    just something about this truck makes sense in a way that $12 pulled pork sliders or whatever from a truck is absurd.

    Their slogan "Ayer en el mar, hoy en su paladar" rings true.

    1. our son&his wife like 'recess'

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        When I was working, I liked the Recess truck, too. They have a weekly schedule that doesn't vary much, they put out little seats for people to use while they're waiting, they keep their menu simple (and it's rather clever), and they put out a damned good grilled cheese sandwich and grass-fed burger.

      2. Are you writing an article about San Diego food or planning a visit?

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          The answer seems pretty obvious, doesn't it.

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            It's getting tiresome. However, it's better than the hype machine(*) being the only source of info.