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May 24, 2014 11:29 PM

Top 15 Things to Eat in San Diego Now! (2014)

What the most amazing foods / dishes at restaurants in San Diego right now?

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  1. - Carne asada tacos at Rudy's
    - Clam pizza at URBN
    - Wing's at Werewolf
    - Marlin taco at Mariscos Alex
    - Oyster poboy tacos at Waypoint Public
    - Tasting menu at Nine Ten (cheating, I know)
    - Shrimp bahn mi at Bale
    - Taco especiale at Oscar's
    - Pork belly bahn mi at Tiger! Tiger!
    - Neighborhood burger at Neighborhood
    - Chicken tika masala samosa at Little Italy Mercato
    - Sea Bass in chili sauce at Supannee House of Thai
    - Shrimp cocktail at Mariscos el Pascador truck
    - Sausage platter at Lion's Share
    - Beer, beer, and beer (and small bites) at Stone Liberty Station)

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    1. re: y6y6y6

      Great list. Here's mine:

      Steak Sando from Carnitas Snack Shack
      Carne Asada tacos from Tacos El Gordo
      Mojades de carne from Mama Testa
      Fish & Chips from Ritual
      Brussels sprouts from Soda & Swine (after 2-3 cocktails from Polite Provisions, of course)
      Blue corn chilaquiles from Mystic Mocha
      Beef Stroganoff from Pomegranate
      Salami Pizza from Pizzeria Bruno Napoletano

      1. re: jmtreg

        blue corn chilaquiles from mystic mocha is my fav too--and its not on the menu. thought i was the only one!

    2. You bumped a 2007 'best hamburger in San Diego' thread, stating you were writing an article. Is that what all of these questions are about?

      If you just moved here, then do you want to know about a certain part of the County (it is 4200 square miles large) or are you visiting (and if so, where are you staying and do you have a car?)