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May 24, 2014 11:08 PM

New Good Knives (or old)

I want good knives that cut peppers, tomatoes, and paper. I want them to cut all of the time. Please suggest knives that are not plastic. I want metal and wood. I really do not want anything hi-tech. I want basic good knives that work.

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  1. What's your budget?

    My favorite knives that would fit your description are Kiwi brand knives (and I would recommend them even to people who are willing to spend $20-30 on a knife), but obviously if you have a $100 budget per knife, you can get something much nicer.

    What sort of sharpening system do you have in place? I've found the sharpening system, cleaning, and general treatment of my knives is really the most important thing.

    1. Does your title mean you are debating between getting new knives vs keeping your old ones? Your old ones may be fine. You can probably fix your current problem by sharpening them.

      If you know you want new knives, can you give us some preference? You have told us that you want knives that made (presumably) metal blade and wood handle, right? Are you looking for Western Chef's knives? Chinese cleavers? Japanese nakiri? What length do you want? 6 inch, 8 inch or 10 inch? Carbon steel or stainless steel?

      Assuming you are looking for a Western Chef's knife with a metal blade and a wood handle, then I like to recommend these following few:

      (1) Dexter Russell Traditional 8" Cook's knife

      (2) Victorinox Rosewood 8" Chef's knife

      (3) Tojiro DP 8.2" Gyuto knife:
      (here the handle is composite wood)

      1. For tomatoes and other softer foods you cannot beat the Kyocera micro serrated ceramic knives. They are not expensive and do a superior job than other knives do not with soft foods. If for some reason the knife gets dull you can send it back to them in Calif. and they will either sharpen them or send you a new one on their dime.

        I have a mixture of knives purchased with certain tasks. I have Shuns, Wusthoff, old Gerber, Henckels etc.

        1. "I want good knives that cut peppers, tomatoes, and paper"

          Why paper?

          1. You may want to be clearer about the problems you are having. All Knives do cut all of the Time, they may not do it well if they are not maintained and are used for cutting Paper.