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May 24, 2014 07:58 PM

Soft open tortilla cheese crisps

Greetings - I'm looking for a good Mexican restaurant in the Fontana/Upland/Rancho Cucamonga area of Southern California that serves open soft tortilla cheese crisps. I've found quesadillas which are just folded cheese crisps but am still looking for a place that serves them open and soft not crispy. I've been told it's impossible to find them in California (I'm from the Phoenix area where you can get them pretty much at any Mexican restaurant here). I suppose I can try asking for a quesadilla but ask for it not to be folded. Thanks for any assistance! (My apologies for the cheese crisp photo being sideways...the original photo is right side up but when I download it, it goes sideways....hmmmm...)

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    1. Cheese melts is what I've heard em called in sw