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May 24, 2014 05:41 PM

Any thoughts on the Cuisinart GreenGourmet Nonstick Electric Skillet or Precise Heat Stainless Steel Electric Skillet?

This is the Cuisinart:

This is the Precise Heat:

My Dad uses an electric skillet to fry Indian-style fish outside, but his current version is worn out, the non-stick coating is peeling away, and the whole thing is rather flimsy. I like that this Cuisinart model has the "Ceramica nonstick petroleum-free ceramic-based cooking surface" and that the Precise Heat has no coating at all, and I was thinking of getting him one of these for Father's Day. I noticed a number of complaints in the Amazon reviews of the Cuisinart about the lid and steam release valve, and some heating element problems noted in reviews for the Precise Heat model.

Does anyone have either of these? Are the lid and valve big problems on the Cuisinart?

Are there any other models out there that work well and have a "greener" non-stick coating or no coating at all?

Thank you,

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  1. If you are deep frying outside how about a propane burner like a crab boiler or turkey fryer? You get more btus.
    Or maybe an induction single burner cook top?

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    1. re: divadmas

      Thanks, divadmas. It's not really deep frying, just pan frying in about 1/2" of oil. He's pretty accident prone, so better not to have open flames let alone all those btu's/

    2. well your dad'll be a happy guy and you're a good son/daughter.
      I know of neither of these but they both look great - wish I could be or more help-go with your gut

      1. How about this Presto pan? It gets really high reviews (4.7 avg.). Looking at Amazon, the top 5 highest rated pans are all Presto.

        Note - the black version appears to be typical PTFE nonstick.

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          Thanks, Duffy H. I love that the Presto is fully water-immersible once you disconnect it from the base. The only thing is, it seems like the only model that has the ceramic non-stick, as opposed to regular non-stick, is the small 12" one. I'll call Presto tomorrow though and check if this is the case. If they have a 16" in ceramic non-stick, it would be perfect.