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May 24, 2014 05:28 PM

Best Restaurant in Toronto (New CH poll)?

There are lists in newspapers, magazines, yelp and many others but I trust Chowhound much more.

The Chowhound yearly polls (likely due to their time of dining requirements) have a huge bias in favour of new restaurants.

I thought CH should have its own list.

What are your favourite restaurants in Toronto -
That cost less than $20?
Between $20-$40?
Above $40?

Thanks, I look forward to your suggestions!

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  1. A big welcome to our fraternity!!

    We recently finished a survey and do have a new 'best' list for 2014!

    BTW, the search engine at the upper right hand corner is very useful. In most cases, type in the few key words and you should get what you are looking for.

    The 2014 list is attached:

    1. I've spent a lot of time reading all of those lists. Unfortunately, I do not think they are very accurate.

      People vote for the best new-ish restaurants that they've been to recently. The results in that thread are inconsistent with the general consensus in other CH threads.

      As a result, I thought it would be better to ask what peoples favourite restaurants are in general - not just of a certain year.

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      1. re: ampersand5

        Since you think the lists are not very accurate, you must have some ideas of what you think the best are.

        How about sharing them here as it's always good to hear some new opinions.

        1. re: ampersand5

          I think you misinterpreted the result and may be 'heading' of our best list?

          Restaurant like Spendido has been consistently on our best list irrespective of years.

          Lastly, if new-ish restaurants happen to be real good and make it on the list then that's fact!

        2. Which chowhound yearly polls are you referring to? The only ones I know of are done by us. Also not sure what you mean by "CH should have its own". If you mean by the community, then we do - and you appear to have seen them already.

          Maybe what you should be asking CH'ers for is a "is of your fav places that are still open" as opposed to the "best of" in the polls, (which, depending on the voter, could have been intended either way).

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            1. re: ampersand5

              I'm confused when following this thread. A lot of the restaurants on the lists have been around for ages. There was a criteria/request that voters should have actually dined at a restaurant within the last year or 2 (?) to eliminate nostalgia voting, but I never thought there was a "newness" bias. Not agreeing with opinions here is quite normal and common, so I echo foodyDudey's request that you should just add your thoughts to the mix.