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May 24, 2014 05:08 PM

Always Hungry? - Interesting Article

Interesting article from the New York Times titled "Always Hungry? Here's Why?"

It references the following article on adiposity and hunger from the Journal of American Medicine:

Gad to see mainstream medicine finally moving away from the simplistic calories-in-vs-calories-out model.

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  1. This was really interesting.
    There are 3 weights that I've been all my life -- whenever I've been at one and want to lose, it takes weeks of concentrated dieting to drop more than 5 pounds, then I drop quite easily to my next "set point," where I'll stay again for weeks in order to lose again.
    Gaining, on the other hand-- I can "bulk up" to a higher "set point" in only a month, without really trying.

    There is a similar "set point" theory about hair length, BTW.

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    1. re: Kris in Beijing

      Thanks for your comments, Kris.

      I was so glad to see this article. I was a vegan with no sugar of any kind (not even fruit), no caffeine, no refined or processed foods, all whole grains, and basically no beverages beyond water. It was great for the first few years, and then suddenly I started putting on weight that nothing could budge. When I'd tally up my calorie count, it was only rarely I'd even hit 1200/day. I finally realized my diet contained a large amount of plant estrones from soy products and other legumes, and thyroid suppressants in the form of raw cruciferous veg. Adding in dairy just made things worse (more hormones). Finally, even though it seemed really counterintuitive, I finally went off all legumes, cooked the crucifers, and started eating meat, and I dropped 35 lbs even though I was eating far more calories a day and moving far less.

      The whole dumb 'simple thermodynamics' approach to weight management has been used to beat down so many people for so long. I hope it's finally getting put in perspective.

      PS: Are you currently in Beijing? Have your eating habits changed considerably since you've been there? And, if so, have you found it easier to maintain a comfortable weight, or more difficult?