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May 24, 2014 03:35 PM

Big group Dinner In Paris.


I will be getting married in Parris, I have a group about 20 and Im looking for a nice place to have dinner. Does Paris have any good steaks? The price range that Im looking for is around $30 a plate, if a little more thats fine. This would be my first time in Paris so Im so excited, any feedback will help, Thank you!!

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  1. Congratulations on the wedding. Your question has been asked a lot already so suggest a search of previous posts as there is a lot of great information.

    Yes, Paris does have great steak, but it's very different to US steak - different feeds and style mean it can be an acquired taste for visitors and is often thought to be chewy - and cooking steak well for 20 will be a challenge. Paris has great food I would strongly recommend you don't limit yourself to steak or even try to replicate US food (sorry if this is an assumption that you are from the US).

    If you read some recent threads about budget then you will see $30 (€22) is very very low....I assume it means $30 per head (does that include wine?) not literally for each course or plate i.e. $90 for a three course meal - if if was you get a lot more options.

    A good starting point is to look at "Maceo" as it is central, has set menus you can look at on-line and has a number of beautiful private rooms. All can be researched easily on line - in English. It will give you a sense of the ball park you should be aiming at and you can then look at options at lower or higher price points. Here is the link - I see they do a €40 ($54) option but wine etc will be extra so add at least another €30 a head for wine, water etc:

    Just a word of caution, twenty is a big group so unlikely to find any bargains that will give you a private room.

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      Thank you, I will do start at MACEO and browse to see other options. Thank you for your information .. and yes I am in the US.

    2. Paris is a place for lovers but not so much for feeding the wedding entourage. Before we start parsing your needs, can you tell us a bit more?

      You are looking to spend 22€ per plate, with a preference for steak. Does this include the full meal or just the plate? Will you be drinking wine? Is it included in your figure or an additional consideration?

      20 is a large grouip for a Paris restaurant to serve. You are smart to do your research. Hey, and our felicitations!

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        Thank you! 22€ would be just the plate, I will not be drinking wine. I know with some of my research I would have to pay more and I do not mine as long its not a big jump in price :). thank you again.