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May 24, 2014 02:28 PM

"America’s 20 Best Barbecue Cities"

According to a Travel and Leisure Magazine reader's poll (I think).

San Diego is seventeenth on the list and the only establishments they mention by name is Phil's and Kansas City BBQ.

The only ethnic business on the list is Kim's Korean in Providence, Rhode Island, of all places.

Los Angeles/Compton/Ktown is NOT MENTIONED at all.

Gaw, I am so depressed.

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    1. Raleigh Durham
      Kansas City
      had good BBQ in Alabama & Mississippi also

      1. Gypsy Jan, don't be depressed as I'm not so sure about the accuracy of this article. I live in Houston and two of the places mentioned, Goode Co. and Beaver's are widely panned, there is much better BBQ here. I tried Bryant's in KC and the burnt ends had the day old taste to them, and I can't get past the dry, thin slices of brisket coming from an electric slicer. Electric slicer?

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        1. re: James Cristinian

          I am in no way or manner a BBQ expert, but I am most definitely a BBQ hound.

          For years, after dropping off departing visitors at LAX, I would stop by Bludso's in Compton on the way home to pick up a heavenly to go assortment that would feed the family for days.

          Some twenty years ago, a very nice couple, clients of mine, told me about a great 'que place in Santa Ana where the guy had a smoker set up in his back yard and they said, "The food is so good - the sides are to die for (sweet potato pie, collard greens, etc.), but, my dear, it is a ghetto neighborhood - you shouldn't go there!"

          Guess what - I WENT THERE the next day and picked up ribs and brisket meals on a semi-monthly basis for several years.

          I even had him cater one of our Thanksgiving dinners - smoked turkey with cornbread stuffing and all the trimmings, including that sweet potato pie.

          After that, my family - those narrow-minded traditionalists, never let me do another Thanksgiving dinner.

          1. re: Gypsy Jan

            We go to an Hispanic place 45 minutes out in a suburb and even pass by Goode Co. mentioned in the article, less than ten minutes away. We do like you do, stock up and feed us for days on ribs, brisket the best, and sausage. It's a small place with pits in back, Hispanic wifeacita loves the 1 and 1/2 hour mini roadie.

        2. I think the real issue here might not to get food pointers from Travel & Leisure Magazine.

          If KC BBQ had not been in Top Gun, would it have ever survived? At least past the fire?

          1. First, must mention I am a KC native, but rarely go back
            (and eat lots of BBQ when I do). I am surprised to see San Diego on the list as a top BBQ town and really question the restaurants they identified. Phil's (which I like) is not a traditional barbecue joint as their meat is not smoked, as far as I know. And Kansas City Barbecue somehow continues to hang in there resting its bbq laurels on the "Kansas City" moniker and the old scene from Top Gun.