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Oct 12, 2004 05:22 PM

L'Express or La Montée de lait or ???

  • j

Hi Bostonian Hound here.

I was wondering what restaurant would you recommend for a Sunday lunch L'Express or La Montée de lait or ??? Any input would be appreciated!!!


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  1. Last I heard, La Montée de Lait was open for lunch only Wednesday through Friday. You've got plenty of other options for Sunday brunch/lunch, though, including Savannah (4448 St-Laurent, 514 904-0277, nouvelle Southern cooking, classy décor, live jazz duo), Café Méliès (3530 St-Laurent, 514 847-9218, cool space, good food and coffee, fresh juices) and Leméac (1045 Laurier West, 514 270-0999, upscale bistro). Search the message listing for "brunch" and you'll turn up scads more.