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May 24, 2014 12:18 PM

Farmers markets Riverhead and/or Rocky Point

Do either towns have produce vendors on Sunday ? Thanks

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  1. Riverhead is Saturday. So is Jamesport. We all go to church on Sunday out here ;-)

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      1. re: coll

        The church of the holy lobster roll!!

      2. Here's a list of all LI farmers markets

        Tomorrow there are markets in Kings Park and Southampton.

        1. Is local spinach still available? or anything else for that matter? Thanks

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          1. re: scunge

            All I'm seeing by me is asparagus, although Schmidts or Bayview would be the best places to check for spinach.

            Did you check out any farmer's markets? Riverhead will be open tomorrow (Saturday) they are outside by the river, although the only produce stand I saw last time was organic....Garden of Eve maybe? But they had a huge selection.

            1. re: coll

              Wonder how they are growing so much, when the stands near you only have asparagus?

              Coll – please let us know of your first strawberry sighting. I can’t wait!

                1. re: Motosport

                  Global warming in Wading River ;-)

                  1. re: Motosport

                    And pineapples too, I'm sure.

                    I only go to Lewins for their eggs.....I like to catch them as they're coming out of the chicken!

                  2. re: EM23

                    Garden of Eve was all root vegetables and cruciferious a few weeks ago, although you're seeing more and more hothouse growing out here this time of year too.

                    1. re: EM23

                      I will let you know about strawberries, but this might be one of those years where they use outsiders for the strawberry festival, I'm guessing. I don't even have any in my yard yet, for what it's worth.

                      1. re: coll

                        You did have some in your yard. They were very good, thanks.

                      2. re: coll

                        Just took a ride down Sound Ave, and Schmidts has plenty of spinach; baby (cleaned) and full grown (see photo, supposedly dirty). I also saw rhubarb and radishes, but was so busy taste testing the various horseradish flavors I didn't take notes. I did take a couple of photos though. Oh and they finally are in a real building, no more selling out of the back of a pick up truck, it's very cute now.