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May 24, 2014 12:04 PM

北方美食 - New northern Chinese in Chinatown

北方美食("Northern fine foods", their English name is something generic like "China Local Cuisine") is under the Manhattan Bridge where Xi'an Famous Foods used to be. They specialize in food from central/northern China like liang pi, saozi mian, rou jia mo. There's a decent amount of overlap with the type of food at Xi'an Famous Foods, but also some dishes you can't find there - various grilled skewer items and hotpot among others. I'm also pretty sure this is the only restaurant in Manhattan selling "re gan mian", a specialty of Wuhan.

I got the liang pi (cold noodles in a spicy peanuty sauce w/ toppings), saozi mian (sour pork noodles), and rou jia mo ("hamburger" with meat between grilled bread) to go. I really liked the liang pi; I enjoyed their version more than the one at Xi'an Famous Foods. The saozi mian had nice chunks of fatty pork in it, but lacked the tang I remember it having in China. The rou jia mo was delicious with minced fatty pork and bits of green pepper. Maybe it's just the novelty factor, but overall I thought their food was better than Xi'an Famous Foods.

There is some very cramped counter seating if you aren't getting your food to go. I think they must have opened recently as the owners seemed somewhat disorganized trying to cook and take orders at the same time, but hopefully they get into the swing of things. Great addition to the neighborhood and definitely going into my take-out rotation.

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    1. Yes, besides the overlap with Xian they seem to do skewered stuff reminiscent of the stuff from the cart just up Forsyth (is it still around?). Grabbed a cauliflower skewer the other day with a light dusting of cumin and chile, not a bad $1.25 bite.

      1. Chinese Burger? Oh, 肉夹馍 has earned at least a slightly better title than that.

        Am a fan of much of that grub though. Do you know if they have anise and pork dumplings?

        1. Terrific news! Thanks for the writeup.

          1. Very exciting can't wait to check it out thanks for sharing