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May 24, 2014 10:20 AM

Buttered Tin cupcake vs. Cupcake vs. ?

I just had a Churros cupcake to die for from Buttered Tin.! Last week was the second time that I've had dry, somewhat flavorless cupcakes from Cupcake. (I know they're famous, but can't figure out why). Where do you find the best cupcakes?

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  1. Never liked Cupcake either.

    I thought Sweets was the best, unfortunately they're gone now.

    Nadia's in Maple Grove are my go to now.

    1. I'm loving just about everything from Angel Food, including the cupcakes.

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      1. re: drew13000

        Really??? That's surprising.

        The one time we were there, everything we got was hard, dry, and old. We didn't take more than a couple bites of anything...

        It was also really cluttered and even a bit dusty.

      2. I used to like Cupcake before the Cupcake Wars fame. Now their cupcakes are ridiculously dry and overpriced. LOVE Buttered Tin. I've never had a bad thing there. Another great place for cupcakes is A Piece of Cake bakery on Selby in St. Paul. I think I still like Buttered Tin better, but A Piece of Cake is sometimes just more convenient. Haven't made it to Nadia Cakes yet... wish it wasn't so far away!

        1. I love everything at Buttered Tin. Cupcake is ridiculously overpriced. The cupcakes at Wuollet also tend to get overlooked...old-fashioned but very good!

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          1. re: gryffindor249

            I love the white cupcakes at Wuollet on 50th. They keep them in a cooler case and the frosting has the consistency of fudge.

          2. Just wanted to update - I finally made it to Nadia's Cakes in Maple Grove last weekend and their cupcakes are AMAZING. I think probably even better than Buttered Tin and it pains me to say that because I really love Buttered Tin.