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May 24, 2014 09:10 AM

Parent's 40th anniversary, will be in Amarillo

My parents are RVing this summer and in the middle will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. They will be in Amarillo that night. I've been looking around for nice places to send them, and the best I can come up with is the Big Texan, which looks fun, but Dad doesn't eat steaks anymore so I'm worried it may not be worth it. Where else could they go for a nice meal? Somewhere that will treat them right because of the specialness of the day. Budget would be $150 or under. They're not fancy people so it doesn't have to be super fancy food, just good and memorable with people who will take care of them. They eat pretty much anything but steak or sushi and aren't big drinkers.

The other option I'm throwing around is waiting to send them to dinner in Vegas since they'll be there a couple days later.

What are your thoughts? Thanks!

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  1. Something I forgot to add: they will have a car so where ever they go doesn't have to be RV accessible.

    1. I am many miles and many years removed from even visiting Amarillo so I know next to nothing, however there have been a few threads here over the years, including a few that have been commented on in the last couple of years so may still be relevant.

      I let you search for them as there are quite a few. i'd look at those and then check against Yelp reviews for more opinions since there isn't that much here.

      I do know Tyler's BBQ in Amarillo made it onto the Texas Monthly Top 50 list published last year; it's on my list of places to try if I'm ever up that way. If your Dad doesn't eat steaks, maybe he doesn't eat bbq either? Anyway, note they close at 8 pm or earlier if they run out, which, like most good Texas bbq joints, they do often.

      That is beef country but Yelp lists Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai restaurants. And of course, Mexican, which may be of the West Texas/New Mexican variety instead of Tex-Mex.

      Heck, Stanley Marsh, the eccentric millionaire behind the Cadillac Ranch lives there so there should be something upscale in town! (Unless he's like Warren Buffet and only eats at Dairy Queen).

      If you really want it to be fancy, maybe the best bet is to wait until they get to Vegas.

      Good luck.