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May 24, 2014 09:05 AM

Parent's 40th Anniversary dinner

My parents are going on a big RV trip this summer, and in the middle of it is their 40th wedding anniversary. Since I won't be with them, I'd like to get them some kind of gift card or set up a nice meal for them. They'll actually be in Amarillo, TX, on their anniversary, but the best I can find there is the Big Texan, and my dad doesn't like big steaks so I'm not sure that would be much fun for them, although the kitchiness of it would fit them. They like pretty much all kinds of food except sushi and, like I said, Dad can't eat big pieces of meat for health reasons. Neither of them are big drinkers (one glass of wine maybe, but not a bottle) and aren't particularly fond of buffets. They're looking forward to seeing the west, the Grand Canyon, going to a Cirque show one night, etc.

What are some ideas of places I could send them in Vegas? Somewhere that would treat them special because of their anniversary but that also wouldn't require them to be really dressed up since they'll only have the clothes they're taking RVing (my mom will have a skirt, but dad at best will have khakis and a polo). My budget would be under $150. Or should I just set them up at the Big Texan or somewhere in Amarillo, would that be better since it's on the date of their anniversary?

Help a daughter out! Thanks!

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  1. Will your parents have a car or be renting a car? Most of the Strip hotels can't accommodate an RV. Does the restaurant have to be on the Strip?

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      Yes, they'll have a car. The rv park is near the strip. It doesn't matter if the restaurant is on the strip or not, as long as it's fairly easy for them to map and get to.

      1. The Big Texan is memorable, it's fun and there's plenty on the menu besides "huge steaks". I'd go with that. In Vegas, Canaletto at the Venetian hotel is nice, casual but upscale and right by the "canals". Fine in khakis but they'll have a memorable experience, maybe even take a "gondola" ride. However, in Vegas people often end up dining someplace close to where the day takes them. It's not convenient to, say, have tickets to the Cirque show at the MGM but then have a certificate to dine at Wynn. So it's a little hard to recommend something convenient. The strip is huge, and on some nights traffic quite congested.

        1. Hugo's Cellar at The Four Queens is a hands down recommendation for your purposes. Make a reservation, make the team aware of the special event, sit back and enjoy the show.

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            Hugo's Cellar was my first thought but I don't think you can get out of there for under $150, at least if liquor is consumed.

            1. re: Dave Feldman

              The OP suggested no more than a glass of wine each; considering the fact that they comp special event desserts I think $150 is within target unless one goes with the most expensive items on the menu.

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                Thanks! I looked it up and it looks like a great place to celebrate an anniversary.

                1. re: scarlet_eater

                  If your parents are relatively conservative in their tastes, I think it's the perfect spot. My parents loved to celebrate there. They make a fuss , in particular, over women, and give them a rose. Be sure and tell them that salads are prepared tableside and customized to preference. My father liked the steaks, but my mother always talked about the salads.

                  1. re: Dave Feldman

                    I would have suggested Hugo's Cellar but, IIRC, they have a bit of a dress code; no casual wear. OP sez they won't have appropriate attire.

                    1. re: mucho gordo

                      I saw people in slacks and a polo looking perfectly comfortable. Seems rather un-fussy to me.

                      1. re: uhockey

                        Good to know. I recall being told that I had to wear a jacket to get in.