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May 24, 2014 08:36 AM

craving a good burger in NE Mpls (Syrdyk's area)

any suggestions?


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  1. I love the Northeast Bulldog for burgers. All their burgers are great, but I love the Chimay Burger. "Chimay beer cheese, Chimay beer mayo, red onion, romaine on a Brioche bun." Yum!!

    They also have great tater tots and excellent bloody marys and an awesome beer list.

    1. Whitey's World Famous Saloon, a two minute walk from Surdyk's has very good burgers. Whitey's is basically a bar with above-average bar food. Most of the tables are high-tops with a few low tables up front by the window.

      A bit further East on Hennepin is Eli's East, also with very good burgers. Eli's also has a bar but it is more of a restaurant, with comfortable booths, and a nice focus on food presentation.

      1. I like the bulldog, whiteys and also Keegan's, especially their wild rice burger.

        1. Hey guys,
          Thanks very much for this info.

          1. I third the recommendation for the Bulldog. The English muffin one with truffle oil is great, as is the junk burger, and the rooster - with a sweet sriracha glaze.