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craving a good burger in NE Mpls (Syrdyk's area)

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any suggestions?


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  1. I love the Northeast Bulldog for burgers. All their burgers are great, but I love the Chimay Burger. "Chimay beer cheese, Chimay beer mayo, red onion, romaine on a Brioche bun." Yum!!


    They also have great tater tots and excellent bloody marys and an awesome beer list.

    1. Whitey's World Famous Saloon, a two minute walk from Surdyk's has very good burgers. Whitey's is basically a bar with above-average bar food. Most of the tables are high-tops with a few low tables up front by the window.

      A bit further East on Hennepin is Eli's East, also with very good burgers. Eli's also has a bar but it is more of a restaurant, with comfortable booths, and a nice focus on food presentation.

      1. I like the bulldog, whiteys and also Keegan's, especially their wild rice burger.

        1. Hey guys,
          Thanks very much for this info.

          1. I third the recommendation for the Bulldog. The English muffin one with truffle oil is great, as is the junk burger, and the rooster - with a sweet sriracha glaze.

            1. The Anchor has great burgers.

              1. A third recommendation for Whitey's. I'm not a fan of The Bulldog.

                1. It's been a few years since I worked in the area. Whitey's always had good burgers. Macnamera's had the best mushroom swiss burgers that I've ever had, but they and the strip mall gave way to Lunds. I've been to the Mac's Industrial across the street - they've got pretty good burgers too.

                  1. Go to the Anchor, discussion over.. In my mind, one of the top 3 burgers in the area. (V44 and Vincent are the others)