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May 24, 2014 07:51 AM

Bouchot mussels. Where to buy them?

I have several recipes I want to try from some of my cookbooks and they all call for bouchot mussels. I would love to buy them rather than substitute Prince Edward Island mussels. Anyone know where to buy them?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. What cookbooks? And what recipes?

      Regardless of how they're cultured, PEI and bouchot are both edulis...the same species.

      Bouchot mussels are cultivated in France, and I don't think you can buy them in NYC.

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        Seems to me that restaurants are just using it as a marketing term. I just checked and it appears Thomas Keller's restaurants get their "bouchot" mussels from Maine. Im sure you can get them in NYC though. There is a fish store on Arthur Avenue that frequently sources their fish from Italy. Besides, a lot of our fish comes from China anyways.

      2. I would go into Citarella's or Wild Edibles and ask the fish experts.

        1. "In France, bouchot mussels are protected by AOP (protected origin) status, meaning they have to originate from the bay of Mont Saint-Michel to carry that name. However, the species is the blue mussel (Mytilus edulis), which is the most commonly farmed mussel species. So, for all practical purposes, a rope-grown blue mussel is essentially a bouchot mussel."

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            Odd. I posted the exact same link and it was removed. Oh well, as long as the OP received the information.

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              Weird.... The mods took it away?

              Great googlers think alike! :)

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                We only took it down because thegforceny Flagged it after he posted it, so we thought he wanted it removed. Our apologies for the misunderstanding.

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              Have been quite busy lately so haven't had a chance to respond. Yes, i've seen that link. The thing is that most farmed mussels are actually rope-grown, so how different are they? That must mean most farmed mussels i've seen at seafood markets are essentially bouchot mussels.

              1. re: GOJIRA

                While real Bouchot messels are farmed, farmed mussels cultivated anywhere but Mont St. Michel in France are not Bouchot mussels. It's a matter of "terroir".