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May 24, 2014 07:49 AM

♪To all the bowls I've loved before♪ -- dishes you've lost along the way?

Are there bowls you ate from in college, plates you had when you were first married, baking pans that your grandmother gave you -- that you have misplaced along the way? Broke? Lost in the separation of possessions?
When I was moved to Korea in 2000 as a following spouse, the military shipped directly to his unit address the 2 boxes of my Ben Seibel Iroquois Informal Accent blue/white, which were gifted to me by my mother as a wedding present as they had been her wedding present casual dishes.
My soon-to-be EX held the boxes hostage over a paperwork issue... and I never got them back.
THIS CHRISTMAS -2013-- mom and my younger daughter found 20 pieces at a thrift store -- an escargot-looking casserole, fruit bowls, salad bowls, soup bowls, vegetable serving bowls, serving bowls, cups, and saucers.
Still want what I had-> turkey platter, plates, salt and pepper shakers, and weird rice bowl/ candle holder things.
But I'm so happy to have the Iroquois blue pieces back!!
So, Hounds, What do you miss?

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  1. Yes, but as I get older I am sort of glad to thin the herd. Mostly due to breakage. I hope to leave this world with one dish, one glass, one coffee mug and one set of silverware.

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      you want to die alone as a recluse?

      1. re: Bellachefa

        Oh I won't, even if I did want to. I'm just extrapolating on moving to smaller and smaller abodes as time goes on. I'm tired of hiring a moving company's tractor trailer every time!

        I am amazed how many boxes of "stuff" I have stored in the basement. It's sort of ridiculous.

    2. Kris, in the 35 years that we've been married I have gone through too many serving bowls that I adored that broke along the way, including 2 that were wedding gifts -- a basic glass salad bowl and a hand thrown pottery bowl. Also a very large hand thrown bowl that was a house gift from dear friends when we bought our first place, a very pretty and inexpensive green glass bowl that I picked up to replace the first glass salad bowl, and a red bowl that was a staple on our table at Christmas and the 4th of July. Also a Stengle bowl that had been my MIL's.

      1. When I moved into my first apartment, my parents gave me all sorts of odds and ends from their kitchen that had been boxed up when my mom had gone through and replaced everything with Dansk in the early 70's.

        One item was a Pyrex(?) oval white casserole with a divider molded into it, so you could reheat two different things at once in one dish.

        I still remember the sad day it exploded as I was removing it from the oven. It was like watching it shatter in slow motion as pieces of it flew everywhere. :(

        If there's anything I could have back, that would be it!

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          I had one of them too, but never knew exactly what to do with it! Where it is now, I can't say (maybe sold at a garage sale? it didn't blow up anyway)

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            I have one of those ... it's pink, and I bought it for just the purpose you mention. They're pretty widely available at antique malls ...

            My dinnerware herd could survive a lot of thinning. I've shown a lot more facility for acquisition than for breakage over the years ...

            I bought 4 place settings of Italian aqua-glazed earthenware some years ago, and most of it is now gone. I think I have one plate left in each size, but most of the bowls. It is not mourned though ... it did not meet the Darwinian test.

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              I have one of those, but it's by Corning in the French White pattern. I used to use it ALL the time but haven't used it (or even thought of it) in years.

              1. re: RelishPDX

                You can purchase Pyrex at yard sales and church sales. I bought my divided dish at a church sale.

                1. re: RelishPDX

                  <If there's anything I could have back, that would be it!>

                  Ah, but you CAN have it back! There are 3 Corningware divided bowls on eBay right now.




                  You're welcome. ;-)

                2. When I got married back in 91 Caleca pottery was all the rage. It was from Italy and I loved the colors. The stuff did not wear well at all, prone to chipping and breaking. All I have left is a creamer, sugar bowl and two large bowls. But boy did I love it and I felt very grown up finally have matching plates!

                  Ha! While searching for a pic I found the exact stuff on Craig's list!

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                  1. re: foodieX2

                    I think I still have a platter or two of Caleca. Worst stoneware I've ever owned, but they were certainly cheerful. And at the price I paid, I still don't regret the purchase. I liked how light and breezy they made me feel when I used them.

                    I went for the stripes in my plates/cups, saving patterns for serving ware.

                  2. Have a messa Stangl "Fruit & Flowers" that were a wedding gift from my grandmother in early 70's. We took a trip to Flemington to their "outlet" for irregulars. Most of the irregularities seemed to be inconsistencies in paint, but took us FOREVER to find a set for 8 with NO CHIPS. Came home with 8 each... dinner plates, salad/sandwich plates, soup/cereal bowls, & mugs... and set of inexpensive stainless flatware for $100!

                    A few years ago, found a HUGE lot of what I called "diner dishes". Pyrex stuff, everything from dinner plates, to those little dishes that individual butter pats USED to come to the table on. DIRT cheap at a yard sale.

                    A few years ago made a MAJOR find of Fiesta dishes at another yard sale. My sister had recently replaced her everyday stuff with F-ware. When I spotted 2-3 bowls, thought... who can't use a few more bowls... like for soup, chili, or cereal. Seller said she had a LOT more. I generally do NOT spend a lot for any yard sale item... $5 means it's "special". BUT that day I spent $50!! Came home with 12+ dinner plates, 12+ bowls, and 12 each mugs and sandwich/salad plates... and a few serving pieces! Mostly "jewel tones", NO chips or cracks, and ONLY pieces showing any sign of use were the light/pastel plates... and ya really have to LOOK hard to see very MINOR signs of wear.

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