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May 24, 2014 06:44 AM

La Moraga Naples

La Moraga opened last month in a nondescript boxy looking building on 41 just north of Park Shore. However, be prepared to be wowed when you walk in, with a large open kitchen in the middle of the room was a large food bar and tables. The decor is stunning contemporary and looks like it could've been designed by uber architect Calatrava. You would feel at home in Madrid or Barcelona, which is where the restaurant has it's roots. Besides locations in Spain there's an outpost in Dubai. It's beyond me how they chose Naples as the 1st in the New World, but I'm happy they did. The food is as delightful as the environment.

While they claim not to be Spanish fusion, many dishes are in fact Spanish with worldly influences. The left side of the menues are tapas while the right side are larger dishes. We stuck to tapas and they were all good. Prices were moderate and many of the tapas were pretty generous portions. Some dishes we really enjoyed were cod fritters, langostinos, which were basil wrapped shrimp, and a marinated fried eggplant dish. I can't remembe what else we ate.

They offer a large variety of interesting Spanish wines at moderate prices.

La Moraga
3936 North Tamiami Trail; Naples, Florida 34103

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  1. Andy - we enjoyed La Moraga a few nights ago and I could not agree more. The pork rolls with red peppers were excellent. Bread pudding for dessert light and delicious. We are lucky they came to Naples. Apparently the owners have family in Naples and they knew the town and regarded it as a great place to raise their children.

    1. Thank you, Andy! As it happens, I'll be in Naples tomorrow evening and this will be a great opportunity to explore La Moraga. I sincerely appreciate the heads up. By looking at the menu & website, this place fits my needs for tomorrow evening perfectly. Muchas gracias.

      1. Thanksk for the promising report. Just to make a tiny correction; The restaurant appears to be in the stable of Chef Dani Garcia, who came to fame in the province of Malaga, in Andalucia. His Manhattan restaurant closed recently after a short run.

        1. Hi Andy, great article. I have one little correction: The name is actually spelled together Lamoraga and the email address is, It is a completely independent working restaurant not affiliated with other Lamoraga restaurants anymore.

          1. Thanks for the info. Hope it's still just as good.