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May 24, 2014 06:30 AM

Allston dinner crawl tonight?

Adventurous 17 year old son and I looking for ideas for a dinner crawl in Allston tonight I'm thinking book ending tacos at Lone Star and Banh Mai at whatever the food court near Shaws is called. Thoughts for in between? Korean perhaps?

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  1. S&I Thai
    Garlic & Lemons
    Bon Chon

    1. The food court is the Super 88--make sure you get banh mi from Pho Viet's! If you're going later, they may be sold out of some of the banh mi, though.
      Inside of the Super 88 you should also get cumin lamb skewers at One of the Kind.

      I second Garlic 'n' Lemons
      Deep Ellum is right next door to Lone Star (same owners) and has some pretty good food.
      Jo Jo Taipei
      Kaju Tofu House is good Korean. I've never been a huge fan of BonChon.

      If you're willing to zigzag from Brighton Ave to Comm Ave, Ittoku for yakitori. Shanghai Gate is also very good Chinese food.

      1. Thanks for your suggestions.

        Ended up with
        1. Individual Banh mi at Pho Viet
        2. Split tofu soup and Bib im bap at Kaju Tofu House
        3. Individual tacos at Lone Star
        4. Split Chicken Schwarma pita wrap and individual falafel at Garlic and Lemon

        Lots of fun, tasty food at every stop, nice walks between stops, a little rainy but not too bad,

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        1. re: bluerib

          Nicely done! What time did you get the banh mi? I've found them running out of bread by late afternoon some days.

          1. re: MC Slim JB

            It was somewhere in the 6:30 area I believe

            1. re: bluerib

              Lucky, thats pretty late for them to still have rolls.

              Kantin would most likely be out of chow foon noodles by then too, (unless they make more than they used to)

              1. re: hyde

                The neighborhood is a lot quieter since the college kids have gone home for the summer, so the banh mi roll supply probably lasts longer.

                1. re: Allstonian

                  I got a banh mi at Pho Viet last night (Sunday) at about 9:15, so the rolls are lasting until later in this post-student season. Some of the stands in the 88 food court were closed (One of the Kind, JMP), but Pho Viet was still open and still had banh mi.

          2. re: bluerib

            that's so cool that he wanted to go too. What were your favs and his?

            1. re: opinionatedchef

              To be honest everything was very good.
              I especially liked the chicken banh mi at Pho Viet and the fish taco at Lone Star.
              My son's favorites were a beef banh mi and the tofu soup at Kaju Tofu House.

              I think we caught a break on the timing. The rainy night may have scared away some people. Even though it was Saturday night we found parking on Comm Ave pretty easily and the waits for tables wasn't bad. I think Allstonian is right about the impact of the kids being away.